SHOCKING Cardano will out perform Bitcoin in 2021

laatste update: 03-2023

This is a must-watch to find out what my target is for this top 5 crypto coin!

00:00:00 Intro
00:01:05 #Cardano
00:02:16 #ADA charts
00:05:07 Verso View project

00:07:16 #Dogecoin swaps
00:08:47 Dogecoin chart
00:10:27 Gny project

00:12:45 Bitcoin chart
00:14:03 Conclusion

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30 gedachten over “SHOCKING Cardano will out perform Bitcoin in 2021”

  1. ADA outperform BTC.. YES Please!! I really really really really hope U're right!! ;-D

  2. Another great vid! Waiting on that DOGE position! Thank you Wendy!

  3. Cardano will overtake Bitcoin !! lol let me laught for a seconde!!come on girl!

  4. Thank you Wendy for the awsome content and for the conservative price prediction but in my humble opinion Cardano will be at minimum $5 EOY

  5. This has NEWS feels all over it. Just missing that intense BREAKING NEWS sounds. Killin the game Wendy

  6. What do you think will happen to ada when uniswap comes out with v3 and gas drops?

  7. Bitcoin = store of value / ADA = not primarily store of value / ETH not long before gas fees insignificant due to EIP 1559 & etc / these 3 have different spheres of influence plus apples & oranges / crypto is NOT a zero sum game

  8. Thx – great vid and market view. Like the thoughts about ADA and I am curious to see how the Cardano Blockchain comes to life.

  9. If cardano only goes up 2.5x that would be a heart breaker when Bitcoin is most likely gonna 4x

  10. I want to see that , this sounds like a dream to me 🙂 Hello Aunty WO

  11. I made my first profits of $2k today! Feels like I won the NBA finals

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