Shiba Inu to 1$?? Do the math

laatste update: 03-2023

a quick random jungle rant on shibu disturbing growth.

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30 gedachten over “Shiba Inu to 1$?? Do the math”

  1. It's paying off big time. I feel bad for all the people that sat on the sidelines due to their biased emotional thought process and missed out on the Shiba gains. A Dex, NFTs, launchpad, video game, and own ecosystem aren't fundamentals? LOL, I sold some bitcoin made a killing on Shiba, took my innitial invetment out but it back in bitcoin and still have a stupidly large moon bag of the "non fundamental play Shiba", because I let go of my biased, you can too.

  2. "Survival of the fundamentalists" – yes, perfect. Love that.

  3. Dude, you should do all your videos with the dogs at the creek. Super chill. Also, agreed on the Shiba assessment. It's going to break a lot of hearts soon and scare so much money out of the market. Kinda depressing at this point in the year.

  4. Little in . Tails I loose what I can afford. Heads I win. Not holding long.

  5. Its what I call my fun stupid coin. I bought some just so I could have two dogs in the race. Yet by no means did I risk anything more than my weekly herbs cost.

  6. Shiba will only start going bear next year in April… BET anyone?

  7. I dont think most reasonable people mentioned shib would hit a dollar. Some hope for 1 cent one day.

  8. All the newbies coming into crypto these days are asking "what do you think about Shiba???"

  9. Totally agree with what you are saying about fundamentals. I did take a punt on shibu and made some profit but glad to be out now. It’s so risky. I’d rather put those profits in solana and avalanche for the long term

  10. lol at idk what Shib is and i haven't researched it lol. the supply is too high lol. I'm assuming its the same as Dogecoin lol with about 10 wallets that own the majority lol.

  11. I am not interested in those coins anymore, there are much better and safer altcoins like Propeller Protocol PPP.

  12. I've made MORE MONEY in Shiba Inu than any other crypto I ever purchased! And…. Over HALF of the supply has been burned, with MORE burns coming! ALL INVESTMENTS ARE 100% SPECULATION, QUIT HATING! It's unbecoming of you!

  13. That is why I throw fun money at it. My heavy investments are in fundamentally sound technologies. I am not mad at my 10x though. Same thing as people holding baseball cards and pokemon cards and giving them value when they do nothing for you.

  14. I bought some of that crap a long time ago hoping for a pump one day. I guess this is it …

  15. Crypto “investors” are dumb for the most part. Others will do well dumping after this pump …

  16. Doge had no use case and look at it. Shib can have use case added just like doge.

  17. How many snakes have you seen walking around the jungles in CR?

  18. I don't want/need it to go to a penny. But .001 would be awesome.

  19. Arcane bear in the wild!! Instant subscribe seen you on around the block chain many times not sure why youtube took so long to suggest one of your videos

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