Shiba Inu Grew 700% in 30 Days…Are You In?

laatste update: 11-2022


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Topic: Shiba Inu Grew 700% in 30 Days…Are You In?

I am not a licensed investment advisor, this is not investment advice the information that I’m giving to you is purely educational.

Shiba Inu has grown by over a hundred percent over the past seven days, what is going on?

Cryptocurrency is on the rise and even though these joke coins are taking off by a ridiculous measure, if you get caught out there you gotta charge it to the game because these coins don’t offer any inherent value in the first place.

These are just jokes but these jokes are getting very serious in the marketplace and there have been very strong opportunities to make money so we’re going to figure out
how to understand the balance.

Should we invest in cryptocurrency, especially Shiba Inu because it is on the rise or should we not invest in it because it is a meme coin?

Cryptocurrency is on the rise and you’ve got to understand that this is like a hail mary pass on the road to wealth.

You should not dump all of your money into any coin foolishly, however, you should begin to consider this if for nothing else because this may be one of the fastest ways to wealth.

There are a lot of cryptocurrencies that are out on the market right now that will never see
the light of day in terms of being a serious investment so just like with any investment, it comes along with it a certain risk and you must be advised.

Somebody became a multi-millionaire investing in Shiba Inu off of a $27 investment.

Don’t think that you got to dump a ton of money into these things. If you’re going to make typical gains like the rest of us you will have to put in more money over time.

There’s like a one in a billion chance that you’re going to be the person that puts in two dollars into a currency and that turns into two million.

I’m never going to tell you quit your 9-5 job and be a full-time crypto investor but what I am saying is if you’re taking the money that you could have put into a bitcoin and putting it on a McDonald’s happy meal you lost.

If for the same amount of money you’re going to blow on a movie you could have put towards an asset that could have at least put you in five or six-figure returns there’s no way that you could rationalize why you wouldn’t do that.

Every last one of us plays with money, why wouldn’t you just take a portion of that play money and put it into cryptocurrency?

Don’t think that I’m just out here foolishly saying to go all the way in on Shiba Inu.

I have investments in the top 10 coins where I’m diversifying my portfolio. I’m betting not on any one particular coin but I am betting on the rise of cryptocurrency.

I’ll go through a monthly process where I will invest a portion of my funds towards the top funds and I’ll see the money grow from there.

I’m not telling you that this is what you need to do, I’m simply giving you the game as somebody that’s been doing this for a little bit.

Start studying the market so that way you know how to be a wise investor for yourself.

I want you to know how to make your own judgments within this space so that way
you’re not just following the hype of what somebody else said.

You could end up being the next person that could see a coin coming and you get invested before everybody else does.

To be quite honest with you guys, if you are starting to hop on the bandwagon after everybody else has talked about it chances are you’re too late.

Chances are you’ve already missed out on some of the biggest gains when everybody
was talking about bitcoin you missed out on all the fun.

When everybody started talking about Shiba Inu it had already jumped by like seven
million percent.

The world of cryptocurrency is the cost of life-changing results you are entering into a market that can have life-changing results so the cost of that is you putting your
money towards something that can tank overnight.

If you’re not about that life then don’t join. This is only for people that are looking to take risks and people that are willing to set a little bit of money aside and if it hits it hits.

4 gedachten over “Shiba Inu Grew 700% in 30 Days…Are You In?”

  1. Can't wait till Uzziah The Success Strategist breaks down each platform. Thank you brother

  2. Shalom. Thank you for speaking on this. Tokenomics is an important subject to understand. Especially for generations to come. I myself am a Shiba Inu investor. With that said, it's interesting to know that Shiba Inu is a community-based crypto built on public hype. Being a meme coin investor has been a bit of a catch 22 for me because as I witness the community come together in the strongest of numbers to build a coin's value for generational well being, we don't see that same communal strength in uplifting those in need within the community in regards to housing, food access, utility assistance, those suffering from the digital divide and much more. How can we use the growth of meme coin investing to rebuild our black and brown communities? An interesting topic. MHNCB

  3. I'm just gonna throw this out there. Doge has an unlimited supply and it hit $0.74. I'm sitting on over 200 million SHIB right now. Got in a few months ago fortunately and unfortunately. I missed the millions but made a few thousand.

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