29 gedachten over “She wants to ban the word “man” and Tucker can barely keep it together!”

  1. Omg can you believe this ridiculous woman WOMAN LIKE IT OR NOT YOU WILL DYE A WOMAN Hahaha 😂

  2. I think there is a movie where humanity become dumb in the future….Do we go to that direction?…i better find those cryonic machine to preserve my sanity.

  3. Foolish westerners! There is no point fighting for this society…its days are numbered for destruction

  4. So,does this mean MANCHESTER should be changed to CHESTER or PERSONCHESTER?

  5. Damn! I see why america is made fun of.. and I'm an American 🤣 what a sad world these weirdos live in.

  6. I am now a chair this is my gender by the way not stool if you call me something other than a chair I will be offended at the max.

  7. She is a crazy ass person. Who on their right mind gets triggered by the word man

  8. Some stupid you just can't fix Tucker, she is an idiot…..

  9. Her brain probably went straight to shopping bags when she heard the word “sachs”.

  10. Soon they'll try and blur the line between child and adult so that they can …. Nevermind 🙆🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️

  11. Woke left wing mental illness destroying western society one day at a time

  12. You are just a thing get offended with that. Or we can just call women hoes since they don't like to be called a woman.

  13. Well F*CK me because I don't buy these mothersuckers' bullsh!t.

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