#sharemarket #livetrading #shorts in 2022

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#sharemarket #livetrading #shorts

#sharebazar #trading scalping #shorts
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Sharp Fall Gives many clue in Striating session and also build a Hidden psychology in previous trading session. 1 min Chart Price Action and Noise of one Minute is always provide hidden secret of charts structure. Candle rejection, Structure immaturity and over maturity Price Time wise Retracment, Zone trap many other things involve beside all story.

Big falls keep coming in Indian stock market like niftyfifty and bank nifty because of stock market news. you are looking for Best place to investing or looking for any stocks in which we have to invest Smartly. This big fall gives us a good discount opportunity. On whose technical analysis we can invest, we can build our investment portfolio in Zerodha Demat Account. Trader Can Switch our small Intraday Trade with Swing Trading to Positional Trade and Trail our Smart SL with Power of Small time frame Price Action. Share Bazaar Education and Finance Money Management is Must Require before Smart portfolio building.

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