Setting Up Loudness Equalization in Windows 10

laatste update: 12-2022

Here’s the vid I mentioned by 3kliksphilip.

Bottom line your hearing is important, using loudness equalization can help protect you and make it easier to hear quiet sounds in a game. The only times I don’t use equalization is when I want really good sound quality.

UPDATE: Here’s a link to realtek audio drivers that have the equalizer + equalization setting. Do note that the download speeds are slow.


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  1. You are losing dynamic range with equalization, its very bad for measuring sound distance.

  2. wasn't loudness equalization removed even before this video was uploaded

  3. I dont have this option since i switched from Gygabite to Asus in my new computer, i have Realtek R audio instead

  4. When i am in the settings and checkmark equalizer and apply the settings button is greyed out… any tips? Mine does not say realtek tho, something else… maybe i have to uninstall some drivers or something…

  5. Thank you, I can finally watch movies in a much louder fashion

  6. These used to work great, but for some reason they stopped working and they have not been working since then. These settings does literally nothing for me.

  7. Weird. My windows 10 does not have the enhancement option. It has an advanced. But when in advanced there is no equalizer option, only speaker volume and bass volume. That’s it.

  8. "Loudness" historically means auto-fullness at low volume, i.e. adding bass automatically.

  9. Mine shows something called release time. No idea what it does

  10. oh well, the "enhancements" tab is straight up missing for me

  11. Do you have any idea why the loudness eq stopped working? Or how to fix it, I've tried reinstalling the drivers updating, nothing. And when I activate the loudness eq it makes everything loud without making anything more quiet.

  12. I dont have the setting. How to install it?
    Realtek driver needs to be replaces with high definition driver.
    Now i have loudness equalization. But i still dont have equalizer option. Anyone know how to get it?

  13. For the record it puts the volume at 0 db which is a universal digital db measurement for the safest value

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