“RUAF Gear” & WE ALL UNLOCK LIGHTKEEPER – Stash Space Questline Day 3 // Escape from Tarkov News in 2023

laatste update: 10-2023

DAY 3 of the fence questline to unlock more stash space NOW INCLUDES the ability to unlock Lightkeeper. Turns out I was right when I thought it would involve Lightkeeper. Current event in game right now with this fence quest which presumably unlocks more stash space and Lightkeeper for everyone. To be clear the goons and Sanitar are still spawning at the cottages on Shoreline if you want to farm them. It seems this questline will unlock lightkeeper for everyone who completes it because today we got parts 7 and 8 unlocked while 9 and 10 either don’t exist or are time gated. #escapefromtarkov #tarkov #tarkovnews #tarkovupdate
RUAF Gear List on the EFT wiki
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Although I do sometimes get a hand from BSG and occasionally get to talk to Nikita or other members of the team, I do not work for BSG. I also work entirely off public information and past experiences of working in game dev myself, as well as following this game closely for several years. Unless I state very clearly otherwise, the information you’re about to hear should be taken as speculation. You can either get no information or speculation, that’s all we have to go off of these days unfortunately which is why it’s easier to just say Thursday whenever anyone asks for dates. If you want hard facts and dates you won’t get them, period.

30 gedachten over ““RUAF Gear” & WE ALL UNLOCK LIGHTKEEPER – Stash Space Questline Day 3 // Escape from Tarkov News in 2023”

  1. I love that eft is doing all of the events rn and after the wake up shake where eveything went downhill was soo importent. I feel like eft is currently the strongest they've ever been!

  2. me not knowing wtf is going on with these quests because i dropped tarkov for the rest of the wipe

  3. It is very unfair for casual gamers, just took a look at rmt websites and their are full of bitcoins offers with average wait times 12-24 hours

  4. So are these considered pre wipe events? Wonder how soon we are to wiping

  5. Damnit wipe is going to happen the same week as Baldur's Gate 3 comes out. Why you gotta do this to me BSG?

  6. Does anyone know if the RUAF Gear is one piece or full kit. Could I just use an ak and then any armour, or the ak, the 6b armour and the 6b helmet all together?

  7. Is the extra stash space permanent or just for the next week or two?

  8. What about when it wipes though? All this, for nothing?

  9. Welp some shitty events to distract the community from the games issues. No word on increased fps, and whatever else theyre planning on doing with netcode since they said it was the first step. Games borderline dead in the water

  10. I finished tasks 11 & 12, got the radio transmitter, but it's decoded. Intel center doesn't have the 12 hour recoding craft. So, can't make it out to LK yet, maybe tomorrow's event will do it.

  11. Ok what about the people like myself that only got as far as finishing network provider 2 on the natural lightkeeper quest line.. so my 11 auto failed AND part 12 is no where to be found

  12. every russian armor. helmet and gun works…did the quest on streets with mosin.

  13. So this quest line is bullshit for people who already did the lightkeeper quest line…?

  14. Just a thought but maybe those numbers are part of a password and skipping mission numbers was on purpose. 🤔

  15. Beware, I’m sniping everyone heading back from light keeper

  16. already found my 5 bitcoins in exactly 5 raids, streets is just too good for looting

  17. does anyone know if rewards are going to carry over, people think loightkeeper weil be unlocked permanently now

  18. So I failed 11 because I already did that task but I'm not passed the 20 pmcs onlighthouse so im just stuck and dont get lightkeeper until I go the actual lightkeeper route?

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