RMRK | NFT Legos on Kusama | Smart NFTs HIDDEN GEM

laatste update: 03-2023

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RMRK.app is a part of Kusama’s broader NFT strategy and a way to abuse Kusama’s system.remark extrinsic to write custom notes onto the chain in a standardized and structured way. The protocol runs on the Kusama blockchain.

FORWARD compatible.
Nested, conditional, &
Multi-resourced NFTs.

→ A set of NFT legos that are standalone but allow the NFT creator to build a system of arbitrary complexity when putting them together

RMRK (pronounced “remark”) is a set of NFT legos that give NFTs infinite extensibility, hosted on the Kusama blockchain, Polkadot’s canary network, without the need for parachains or smart contracts.

$RMRK is the native utility token that is used for:

currency in the RMRK metaverse(s).
preventing fungible token spam
curation in galleries *governance of platform-wide parameters *curation in RMRK-launched but not necessarily NFT-related products *collateral in DeFi protocols like Karura and others. *abstraction of the multi-chain architecture: using RMRK tokens to mint, trade, and generally interact with the NFTs in our ecosystem. *whitelabel of RMRK products and apps *use of $RMRK tokens to fund your account for use with applications like BadCall
RMRK tools include:

RMRK tools to interact with NFTs on the command line and in web apps
RMRK spec to write your own implementation
RMRK pinning tools to pin for IPFS and regularly clean outdated pins from services like Pinata
A standalone, embeddable renderer for RMRK2 composable NFTs

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