Ripple XRP News – Ripple v SEC Lawsuit Update! Judge Must Make Her Biggest Decision Yet! in 2022

laatste update: 07-2022

Ripple XRP News: Latest News | Ripple XRP News Today #Ripple #XRP #Bitcoin

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30 gedachten over “Ripple XRP News – Ripple v SEC Lawsuit Update! Judge Must Make Her Biggest Decision Yet! in 2022”

  1. Oh boy, another great announcement as XRP responds to the good news by dropping another 4% “mark my words”😆

  2. Can't believe you missed xdx and rdx. RDX was just dropped and is going to provide passive income for holders. Will be massive on the xrpl

  3. The goblin nft is 100 xrp. Can you imagine xrp going to the moon and the crappy little goblin you hold is so crap you can't sell or exchange…

    Your xrp is a speculative investment, but if you hodl it is going to be significantly more in the long run than one of these speculative crappy goblins… This guy is shilling you big time?!!

  4. It’s so suspicious and weird of the SEC hiding behind DPP as if it’s a matter of national security for the military … they are acting as if DPP is top secret military intel rather than anything discussed under DPP SHOULDNT be open to the public .. it should be open discussion anyways IF they truly represent a free and open society .. what a lousy government agency .. creepy scumbags

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