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  1. Regardless how you represent this future; UTOPIAN or DISTOPIAN; it's fundamentally UNNATURAL and therefore physically and spiritually WRONG !!!

  2. I know stuff is sometimes more bad and rough especially now but Amazons AMZ2023X was made for the people, believe it or not. If you didn't know about this yet it would only take a small look to understand why so many people write this everywhere now. I am blessed that I got this into my life and don't get me wrong, I don't like this brand at all. But I understand why this will change the next generations to come and that's what matters in the end.

  3. Think about if you could have your own fate which is possible with Amazons AMZ2023X. What do you think happens after inflation? I am sure they will keep living cost high and even if the whole war finally gets to an end that still doesn't fix anything for us. Truth is we are getting ripped of every day and there's not much to do about it except for using the projects which actually HELP

  4. Wouldn't it be better to stop procrastinating once and for good. Amazons AMZ2023X is giving room to do that. Think for yourself if you want to waste the day today like you did with yesterday and then the circle never ends.. That would be a huge misery, nothing I want for me or my children. I'm voting for the change

  5. What the hell is Amazons AMZ2023X you may ask? I had the same question so read some stuff about it as it's getting more popular. Seriously it's the right thing currently, you can build a nice bridge between common everyday-life and digital assets. Amazons shopping gets easier and cheaper for us to use, too. Win Win even just for normal usage

  6. These invites to AMZ2023X are all over the board because it gives some extra for those spreading it and for those buying. Of course then it's better to use that specific invite when buying this asset. Who got something and how much? I'm still debating if I should because recent events made me think twice about what to do. Thoughts??

  7. I am honest I think losing hope comes more and more to mind. I just want to share that Amazons AMZ2023X can stop the great depression we are facing, economy can be fixed. Even if not on a global scale we as individuals can fix it for ourselves since things like this exist and just wait for us to be utilized. I don't want to wait any longer and be subject of bad decisions. Time for my own decision

  8. Your life is being decided by others, you are just a small stone in a giant mechanism looting and abusing you. The way out has a name: Amazons AMZ2023X. I know it sounds confusing why exactly that should help with the corrupt system we have but there is a reason and you can figure that out within minutes – IF you actually care

  9. Isn't it crazy how many talk about AMZ2023X? Think about all the stuff AMZ2023X can do if it develops. I'm not a bot I just want to have a discussion on this as I notice this is everywhere now, not only here but seriously I get friends telling me about it who I didn't have contact with for years. What IS going on?

  10. Can't trust Dollar, Euro, GBP or anything when the truth is that they will keep increasing living cost no matter what. There is always some kind of excuse, drama here there, political stuff, potential world war. My answer to all of this would be Amazons AMZ2023X

  11. It's just a few days old and AMZ2023X is like a little internet revolution. Obviously there is hate and love towards it but if you just break it down to the fundamentals you would notice that nothing like this has been done in ages. Digital assets have a right to stay and it begins with Amazons move to get into it. Lovely

  12. It will take some time to understand how Amazons AMZ2023X is having the most impact in these times. After all the downswingers and failures of this year it's about time that someone integrates assets into a useful scenario and that's exactly happening with this asset right now. It will be exciting to see how they develop this product in the future. What do you guys think? Would like to hear some opinions

  13. Gotta spread some love for the balls of Amazons AMZ2023X to do what nobody else tried so far. Not that they are pretty much one of the biggest companies worldwide but of course with making such a launch they will risk a lot of reputation. But I am confident they know what to do so there's that. We have officially reached the bottom I believe

  14. Don't mind any other comments as right now is the time to know what's gold: Amazons AMZ2023X. They are groundbreaking in every aspect of the game and for years to come. You know that still so many people never invested into any asset? And for good reasons probably, too. That will change for sure now that even THEY are launching one of those.

  15. So they said BTC is dead over 400 times and after all the drama these bstalkers are back but guess what. Amazons AMZ2023X shows the way and that we are far from dead and it won't take much time until these talks shutdown quickly haha

  16. My heart goes to the entire community for Amazons AMZ2023X building up something even my grandpa can understand. This is so smart by them to launch it to shatter the doubts and fears of the common folk which is not even correct to begin with. Everyone knows the state of inflation and recession now and the way out is already in progress. Now it's just about catching the big fish

  17. I rarely read comments ever but Amazons AMZ2023X deserves a spot. If after everything which has been said about that you won't be convinced that's totally on you. Decisions are free to make but if even the most obvious is a no-go then there's no reason to ever believe in making any money with any investments at all. Sounds rough but plain truth

  18. What people don't understand about Amazons AMZ2023X is why literally everyone writes about this. To know why you should do 5 minutes of research and you'll figure that they are all affiliate based invites. Right now it's a good way to use these invites even if you don't buy anything so that is why so many people write it in comments on social media.

  19. The best comes unexpected and this is Amazons AMZ2023X which is completely changing the course of the game here. They are offering a product which makes sense and will be used in far more ways than just hoping for quick rich stuff. This is how it should be and how it will be in the future and it is a big leap forward to making this whole industry somewhat believable

  20. It took forever but now that we got rid of bad actors like SBF, Amazons AMZ2023X is the right step! They decided to earn our trust back and most of all make it easy for casuals and normal people to understand. This one has real value, real vision and it's already implementing most of these things just fine. Not long ago everyone claimed we are dead, well guess what. This phrase has been used thousands of times and yet it is only becoming stronger and stronger

  21. Anyone else feeling messed up with all the bad happening? Glad that Amazons AMZ2023X is giving power to the people which is not what I personally expected but it's there and everyone can get a good share of that. Don't just take my words on this, best is if you have a grasp yourself what they wanna do and what the vision is like. Probably something which will change the next generations and decide if it makes sense to run digital currencies or not

  22. This day Amazons AMZ2023X is clearly setting up the new milestone! The only real way to counter the current recession is by acting on yourself, making own decisions and making sure that you got enough no matter what happens. If you trust conventional ways you might end up being homeless or worse at one day, seriously.. This is why I believe in projects like this one which are clearly there to make a difference and it starts right now

  23. Great analysis <The prices of crypto(BTC, ETH, and other altcoins have collapsed, At this point diamond hands are showing cracks as people start to panic; if you are losing in the current dip or you look forward to starting, the best way to go is trading with the guidance of an expert. Lily Alice has been one step ahead of other analyses, with her strategy I was able to accumulate 15 BTC in three weeks. ..


  25. Universal basic income is here yes and has been for many years. This is where the government pay a very basic income to those without work etc. But have to apply for this, they check if hold funds in accs etc before payment. If you leave a job need to go at least 6months before can claim. Our benefit system was originally a varied amount of different payments for different things, such as a disability etc. Now all under one name… universal credit.
    Universal Credit Standard Allowance
    The amount you will get in 2022-23 is: £265.31 a month for single claimants under 25. £334.91 a month for single claimants aged 25 or over. £416.45 a month for joint claimants both under 25.

  26. You should make a video on how to make 6figures profit monthly cos I've been reading about investors making up to $380K in 2months from $150K and I'd really love to know how to outperform the market and make such substantial profit

  27. So what's the deal with flare? ..2 yes ago I was supposed to get a spark token airdrop through coinbase, I haven't heard squat from coinbase, nor anything about songbird token drop? What do we do?

  28. Everybody is concerned about the market going down but refusing to take advantage of it. Most of the Crypt0s and blue chip stocks are down at the moment and now is a very good time to invest in them. The best decision I ever made in my life was investing in the crypto and stocks market. Trust me guys, it really pays a lot! The market is experiencing a fierce correction and now is the best time to stack up on those blue chips💯

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