Raptoreum AMA and Weekly Update for August 27, 2023 (Chapters in Description)

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Raptoreum AMA and Weekly Update for August 27, 2023 with Raptoreum Core members: David Owen Morris, and Paul Mills, plus team members, Scherm, Dirty Miner, and Alejandro.

00:00 Start
01:06 Why are RTM Assets Better Than Other Blockchains
02:57 Who Sets RTM’s Transaction Fees
05:12 Comment on RTM Team’s Work Ethics
06:13 Decoupling Transactions on Sidechain Update
07:02 Stablecoins on RTM Update
08:26 How Long Will Assets on Testnet Take?
10:38 How Can We Support the RTM Exchange Rate?
12:19 When Will We Break Into the Top Cryptocurrencies?
13:19 Is It Never Too Late For RTM?
13:50 Request: New Picture When Someone Rains 69
15:17 Who Is Francis Living in the Saychelles?
16:49 Comment: Ignore the FUD and the Bad!
17:31 Tell Us About the Dev Team and Why They are Suitable for RTM?
19:34 Can You Improve The Wording On Some of the Short Videos?
23:22 What Are the Next 3 or 4 Development Milestones?
24:29 Do Paul and David Recall Extron From Their Past?
26:54 How Have You Managed To Keep People Interested in Spite of the World?
28:58 Binarai needs a Cuddle…
29:58 What Will Assets Bring That Hasn’t Been Done Before?
30:13 Can You Explain a Bit More About Transaction Decoupling?
33:27 How Will Assets Have Utility Without Smart Contracts?
36:49 Do You Expect The Same Smart Contract Delays As Other Features Have?
37:27 How Will You Avoid Dev Hell With Smart Contracts?
38:51 YouTube Comments and Questions
39:14 Thoughts on the New Antminer XM5 ASIC Miner?
41:26 More on Transaction Decoupling
42:08 Will Smart Contracts Be Delayed By Phased Development?
44:05 Do you Know Anything About BrainAI Technology?
44:34 Why Were You Gone For So Long?
45:22 Isn’t Nowput’s value in using RTM’s wallet instead of opening an account?
47:38 Weekly Update
47:50 How Are Assets Going On Devnet?
48:08 LiveStream and CryptoSmith Update
50:38 Raptoreum Joins YouTube Partner Program
51:37 Cleaned Up Reddit Account Automations
51:51 New Email Marketing Program Partner
52:46 Discord Update With Scherm
54:19 Dirty Miner’s Sh*tCoin Update
56:26 Spanish Community Update With Alejandro
01:00:38 Komodo Team Channels Opened
01:01:27 Additional Comments

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  1. The fact that you guys consistently put these deeply informative videos out here week after week, tells me you are dedicated to creating something of value.. I am very interested in this project.. Keep it up!

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