19 gedachten over “Rapper Tory Lanez Facing Assault, Gun Charges For July Shooting Of Megan Thee Stallion”

  1. Only the body guard knows the truth he was there and he conveniently skipped court. How you get shot in your foot and not break any bones.

  2. Fuck Megan who’s the person stretched out next to the car??????

  3. They still saying she lying I pulled this up to show these idiots.

  4. What is a person labeled as when you hang out with criminals? No sympathy here

  5. 10 years was rather excessive, I know mofo's who got less for murder.

  6. Ahhhh the classic hip hop agenda playing out in front of us. Thank you Lyor Cohen and Jimmy iovine…

  7. How tf are you still standing though? Like did he shoot you with an air rifle? Even then!!!!!

  8. It was very cold of the police to make her hop around on 1 foot that much, even if she Said it was a good cut. An injury always warrants extra effort.

  9. I never got this. Theyre both criminals. She claims to be from the hood and flaunts hanging around criminals and im supposed to be surprised that her side dude from the hood pulled a gun on her?? Make better choices… especially because youre making money now.

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