Qatar World Cup: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

laatste update: 02-2023

John Oliver discusses the Qatar World Cup, the human rights violations happening in the sporting event’s host country, and what perfection really means to David Beckham.

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30 gedachten over “Qatar World Cup: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)”

  1. Dont watch Word Cup, dont buy the tickets. – SOLVED.
    But you want do it you hypocrites. All of you. Even this big nose groundhog said he doesn't give a f@ck
    You are all worse than FIFA, and they know it so shut up.

  2. and it was the greatest world cup of all time and proves Messi is the GOAT so well put on FIFA and shame on john oliver who has no actual talent, his writers make him funny

  3. Qatar is the number one homosexual country in the world their motto is slapping tickle

  4. AVP
    the really "protection / is "awareness / no it's modern day liberation / so can say so now / so why don't you? and now it safe form being burn on the stake / so why don't you / and it's safe form the "KGB ….??? so why don't you / it's safe from peoepl who want to put in in "area 51 ,. so why doesn't you just say /

  5. I live in the US. A female co-worker said she loved the world cup but she couldn't watch it. "My husband doesn't let me watch it at home". The husband was appalled about their treatment of womens rights so he FORBID HIS WIFE to watch it… 🤦

  6. I Tweeted that the US Men's National Team should not participate in the World Cup, because of Qatar's human rights record. I used no profanity, slurs, insults, ridicule, caps, exclamation points, or anything negative. No mention of FIFA bribery or anything else.
    About a minute later, my account was permanently suspended. Everything wiped, along with a message telling me that I'm not allowed to start a new account. Appeal denied. I don't know if Musk having purchased Twitter a couple weeks prior was a factor, but it was some bullshit.
    Not a giant tragedy, but interesting.

  7. Loving how disgusted I get to be over all the comments coming back to applaud the prediction. Ya'll watched this video about tragedy, then chose to support FIFA by watching the games anyway. You don't really wonder why this sh* don't change, do you?

  8. Completely off topic. Since the world cup is over. How about we talk about the worker's right for ambulance crew, nurses and doctors in the NHS (UK) ?
    It's always easy to point fingers at others. Sadly when the west does something wrong there are always reasons to justify it. Take the Iraq invasion for instance.

  9. the death rate of labours in Qatar is less than the death rate of labours in Germany. Not saying it is the right thing to do, and the number of death is huge given the massive population of workers.
    But they earn more than 100 times more for doing the same work in their home country. It is a matter of survival for those workers and their families. You want to talk about human rights but not the basic survival.

  10. 18:00 when a country's law forbids Gay sex. Does it really matter how righteous you feel about yourself? Out of self-preservation what are the choices other than 1 Don't go. 2 Obey the law.

  11. it is really shocking now no one even pretends to say sports is not about politics. Sports is politic and serves only to spread peace and love and democracy wink wink.

  12. This is classic John Oliver. He's so unfunny that as an Englishman I'm truly embarrassed. He makes no points ever but just makes idiotic jives and useless comments on things people have said with no point whatsoever. This is why the left are so pathetic, hiding behind their defensive terms such as homophobic, misogynistic, racist etc. They don't even know what these words mean and for all the rare arguments they do make they fail to back them up with either hard evidence or definitions. smh John Oliver.

  13. 2023-01-08
    I never watched any Fifa events before the 2022 world cup.
    I didn't watch any Fifa events during the 2022 world cup.
    I will never watch any Fifa events after the 2022 world cup, even if it's in Canada.

  14. John, if you actually care, then you won't watch the World Cup. If you do, then nothing you said actually matters.

  15. Baiden family corruption bissnes ukrainia. Clinton family corruption bissnes. Usa government corruption bissnes us military industry and usa politics corruption wad bissnes democracy bissnes

  16. This story would have had so much more juice if they had already found bags of cash in the home of one of the Vice Presidents of the EUROPEAN UNION! In Quatar defence… she was pretty sexy 😏

  17. Nothing new. Kafala is common place throughout most oil countries including United Arab Emirates. Everyone also knows how corrupt Fifa is.

  18. And not one mention of the ap your forced to install on your phone when entering the country so that the govt can spy on you every hour of the day while you're there not only does it give them every photo you take it also records calls and sends all the txts you make aswell

  19. I wonder if John Oliver will make a similar episode in 2026 about the WC being held in a country that has killed millions of people in wars and coups around the world and is the only country to have ever used nuclear weapons. Or will he condemn co-hosting in a country which is a pipeline for drugs that has probably killed even more millons.

    No, he won't. Self-righteous twat!

  20. It must irk all Qatar's critics that this World Cup final was rhe best game in recent memory!

  21. I’m still stuck on the fact that all this time La’eeb could speak

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