Putin has Buried the old world order and outlined his view on Russia’s and the world’s future in 2023

laatste update: 10-2023

Putin has Buried the old world order and outlined his view on Russia’s and the world’s future

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  1. Vladimir Putin is a total 🤡
    How do you know when he's lying?
    (Answer) his lips are moving!
    He'll get what's coming to him🪓

  2. If this new world order does not stop , i go to russia , period

  3. And that's exactly what Putin is doing to a sovereign country ukraine.

  4. A great leader of all time, his advent is to do with doing away with the resurrection of imperialism.

  5. putin has more truth in his words than biden or any other leader in western countries

  6. It is encouraging to me to read many of the comments below here that see/hear the truth and wisdom of this great world leader. I have been "down" somewhat lately as I see the fascist West masters dead set on dominating the world. I recall when a very young boy, we were propagandized that the Russian people wanted to do what we see the West has been guilty of since 1900…and especially hotly pursuing their imperialism since the murder of President Kennedy in 1963.

  7. This important speech will never be broadcasted in western media. To tell the truth which is not in line with the western propaganda narrative s hidden from the public

  8. dictating the new world order sounds really cool, the problem is that without an army that can actually get stuff done, it's not more than talking big, and spitting out threats.

  9. This speech was aimed at the West. Lot of the people sitting there were not interested or engaged. I would like to listen to what they have to say and what they're thinking.

  10. Stop pointing fingers at the West…. Improve yourself lunatic… I mean not your bank account or ur own status but ur whole Russia as a whole…

  11. Hats off to you mr Putin. May Allah protect you and your nation.

  12. The face of humble my respect to you mr putin god bless you

  13. Yea let’s invade Ukraine and think it’s ok. I’m sure that gonna make countries think ur following “the rules”

  14. Audiance doesn't even speak or understand russian and there are no translation 😂😂😂

  15. Still soo many stupid people in the comments protecting western globalistic colony model… No wonder they are dumb and retarded. Go take your stupid vaccine you sheeps

  16. God bless Putin and Russia. ❤️🇷🇺❤️🇷🇺❤️🇷🇺❤️ Best future for Russia and its people

  17. Funny, Putin is a pure criminal. Russians did genocid in Ukraine in a “special military operation” but he speaks about diversity about economy. Russians enslave for centuries the Eastern Europe but he speak about economy.

  18. Brilliant speech Mr Putin. You have covered all the topics in one speech.

  19. This guy is a great story teller. To bad the story is based on delusion.

  20. This guy is a great story teller. To bad the story is based on delusion.

  21. It’s right how can someone calls the south end Central America and the West Indies is somebody’s back yards .

  22. Two ideas of Ideology in the World 1 Democracy and an elected leader and 2 Dictators who will not tolerate change or freedom of speech. Which shadow do you live under comrade ? There is no Russo phobia in the West its just anything you do in life has an equal and opposite reaction. So when you invade a peaceful nation expect a counter reaction.

  23. J´ai executer bien pour analyser de Compte rendu ou briefing a Dr. Maria захаров, sur l´issue et je pense que selon a mon sagesse sur ce scenario n´exiger pas juste seulement de -спасибо большое-oui nous devons jouais un grands analyser oui je le commence ( PK), pourquoi les etats-unies faire retour re-unir avec la Russie , la question d´ici qu´est-ce que ils ont un coup d'oeil? Et nous et nous allons aussi demandez la Russie et de m. excellence Vladimir Poutine et la federation la Russie que si les etats-unies veux retour a l´Russie , c´est pas degats, mais nous avons question concernant a dynamique on en n´laissee ce scenario comme un orpherina jamais les etat-unies doit reponse ces question suivante une pourquoi ils avait contre la russie dans periode 6 mois en massivement dans l´Ukraine, de deux et quelles un situation a cause eux a retour parler avec la Russie pendant ce temps ils etes dit que la Russie et m. Poutine est criminel de guerre tandis que ils avait declencher la guerre en Ukraine depuis des 2015.

    Vous savez la Russie est prochaine pays oui cependant , de mes vision toujours je regader beaucoup des mauvains idees apartir de l´occidentaux contre la Russie.Apres je developper une bon idees que trops c´est trop , pourquoi c´mest comme ca toujours?

    Oui les etats-unies n´sentir pas que re-unir avec la Russie est seimples , parce que pour l´instant on quand meme comprendre a quelles bien raison ont ait cause eux d´reagir contre la Russie et masscres les RussDonbass a Ukraine en plus 8 ans. Et autre scenario quelles bon raison a effet eux de retour participes avec la Russie qu´est -ce que ils vouloir . J´sure que cette situation sera finir a l´Geneve avec 28 pays des Africains doit s´attendre cette reunion entre le bon explication des etats-unies avait contre la Russie et pourquoi ils veu retour parler avec la Russie et qu´est-ce que ils un coup d'oeil sur l´issue deseparate et de reunir avec la Russie nos bon partenaire. Parce que la Russie peux refuse ou accepter mais tout s´exiger bien explications dans periodes des 8h00 maximum , merci cette analyser est tres fort le monde doit concentre sur ces comportement des etats-unies sur cette planet notamment la Russie et la continent du Africains et la Chine, merci a bientot.

  24. Putin is the only person on this planet standing up fearsly against USA.. #puting the great Wall of Russia

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