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  1. How can you dislike someone who is this passionate about their project and is trying to make an actual difference. The price of ADA is not what’s important. What Charles and his team is doing is absolutely incredible. This is what you call leadership! Great work👏

  2. That infinity hand in the back though!! Must be a sign, I’m all in.

  3. great great point!! i respect charles a lot. I hold ADA coz i know the value of it. and i believe in it.

  4. Charles: "… but that's always contextual to the macro. It's always contextual to what's going on in society."

    Ethereum community: "I don't get it. What does macro mean?"

  5. I love this guy. Never knew anything about Cardano before today. I'm already impressed. Representing higher values, and not pulling punches in calling out the greed and myopia. Well done sir. I'm going to take a very close look at Cardano now.

  6. Inspirational…what a great gift! Fitting and well deserved! Congrats!

  7. Australia still uses completely paper voting, so you are completely right about how long it takes for government to trust new technology

  8. good stuff…the value is brilliant, not least given the aims and objectives…the price…well I think these billion dollar market caps are bizarre…

  9. Thank you for being so inspiring. Holding Ada in 🇨🇦 for a better future for others.

  10. It's heartwarming to watch your videos sir! Love the fact that your focus is solving real world problems using Cardano ecosystem and technologies. Inspiring.

  11. Good. Charles you build value and quality. We back you and drive the network effect because we’re excited about “valuation”.
    We are all in different part of our investment (time or money) journey.

  12. No matter what anyone says no one is purely in crypto to support the coin! At the end of the day people buy ada to make money..

  13. At the start of the year I built a little miner after being made redundant. I was looking for a project that would give me a little cash after a long hodl – maybe enough for a deposit on a house. When the Africa special came out I moved it all over to Ada. The vision and scope for the project is unlike anything I've ever seen and I truly believe it will change the world. I wish you all the best in your efforts and I'm looking forward to seeing where it all goes.

  14. I've been to the Ron Paul's last meeting in 2012, in St Pete. Maybe you and me, we had unknowingly an eye contact lol

    As a French, I totally understand his pov about the Constitution. And and many points, i agree with him. I appreciate his experience in Vietnam, as i have some origins there as well. I lost my country once and i don't want to lose my country of adoption. I went to Toronto in order to survive but it was a very harsh environment, man. You look younger than me and you look so promising. I wish you could be in touch with Elon Musk and work on the improvement of the Flare Network and the Doge, as I am a big believer of a non centralized system. This globalization is not ours, friend. That's why this world is *ucked up. I went back to Montpellier, Southern France, with the terrible sentiment that nothing would change. I considered myself as a libertarian for years until I saw all of this crazy people supporting a conservative pov on social things so i dissociated myself from the movement. The recent pandemic as well was handled in a weird way in your country. I wish it happened otherly and i made my mourning on my youth ideals. But when i discovered who you were, few weeks ago, i found your philosophy very relevant and eventually, close to what i hoped in my inner self. You've been gifted with the grace of growing at the right place with the right environment. Please keep going. You're like 10 years younger than me so you still have lotta time to achieve great things for the well-being of Humanity. So don't give up. I doubt you read my comment, as a busy mathematician / engineer / social person. But i write this comment as a pray. My English is far to be as good as my French… When a kid, i was told to study well and i did so but with what i learnt, the usage of good French, Latin and ain't help me that well in the #BritishColony… Good luck Charles! United States can be still a country of freedom and i do believe you are its best representative <3

  15. I try to buy a little ADA with every paycheck whenever I can. it will make a better, stronger, more stable retirement than Socal Sec.
    I believe in Charles, and this project. This coin will take over the world becaise it's built on a foundation of solid rock.You're a personal hero of mine, Charles. There are few positive role models in the world.

  16. Won't bitcoin and etherium die once cardano is fully up and running just like dial-up died before there was something better?

  17. Make yourself valuable, then the Money will follow! That’s what Charles is doing! Cardano will surpass Bitcoin and Ethereum by a long shot! Remember this post in 2022!

  18. I like that he's focusing on the use cases of the projects. Price is a factor, yes, but by focusing on the use case, and potential of some crypto projects… then that's going to grow by sheer demand in society. Like he said, it's his life's work… and I think ADA will have a humongous impact on society.

  19. Charles I just want to say that I have just gotten into learning about the crypto space about a month ago and have studied mostly through podcasts, youtube, and some reading on exchanges such as binance. Put in about 60-70 hours of research and I feel like I don't know anything. I work for a retail brokerage firm that doesn't support cryptocurrencies, but people kept asking about them so I finally took the time to try to understand them. I am not a computer programmer/computer scientist/mathematician and as much as I want to understand the basics of writing code I feel I would need significantly more time. I have a hard time believing that a massive percentage of your current community understand how to do what interests you- I could be completely wrong. Your level of intelligence is on a level that I could only wish to aspire to. I appreciate your honesty, integrity, and vision you share through Cardano. The ambitious goals that you have and the overall landscape that you see that Cardano could help shape the world to be a more equitable place for everyone is a vision I want to invest in. This is what keeps me around trying to learn more-its addicting. It seems to me that you are in a difficult spot here because regardless of the cryptocurrency, the vision, perfection and utility of the technology created you still need a community to grow your company which you always talk about through self-governance. Whether you like it or not you are the CEO of the company and with that responsibility comes a need to have some sort of care for the "shares" of your company that is how capitalism works. Feel free to correct me but you are trying amongst many things to reshape the financial infrastructure of the world that does not include reshaping the ideological underpinnings on how capitalism works for raising capital for an idea. There is a fiduciary responsibility that comes along with such a role that you have. Many CEO's that have the passion for their life's work resist this notion of capitalism only years later to realize you are swimming against the tide. I think coming to peace with this will help you. While it is frustrating that's just the way it is my friend. It is one thing to be honest and say I am not going to talk about the price of ADA, but it is completely different to belittle the people that want to make money by investing in your vision. You are the visionary, but the belief in the system requires capital to keep the engine moving. I appreciate your honestly and your warning has only made the probability in which I chose Cardano higher not lower- I have 0 crypto holdings. I've just heard you mention your frustrations with the price conversations. You are an entrepreneur at heart, fighting for decentralization for the common good so I completely understand your point of view. Just call me a cynic I guess but I just don't see how you can't have some level of ownership of the price when you are the face of that cryptocurrency(company). Once you get big enough it just seems to be an inevitable consequence. But, by all means prove me wrong. Either way, I'll be watching. Cheers.

  20. I love this. If you own ADA, you have bought into a philosophy which has nothing to do with the price of ADA. You are buying into a long term goal that may take decades. The price of ADA is a side effect.

  21. Get on to juicing and watch your health improve exponentially…I love listening to you and wish you a long healthy life. Thanks for everything you do ☺️

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