30 gedachten over “Philadelphia Eagles vs. Indianapolis Colts | 2022 Week 11 Game Highlights”

  1. Wow, Eagles got that close to losing two in a row

  2. I believe Matt Ryan threw Dat game he should be fined and bench 4da whole second half of da season. Smh

  3. Y’all hating and can’t except Jeff Saturday as the new Colts coach but the colts look better and Matt Ryan is looking more efficient

  4. Bs call for letting the play continue for 5plus seconds when they wasn’t going anywhere saved by the refs still embarrassing

  5. I wonder if people are aware that the NFL instituted a rule this year that prohibits defenders from touching a player with their helmet when attempting to tackle..

    Incase your wondering why teams keep blowing leads, offenses just eating up yards.
    It's pathetic. NFL is dead as far as im concerned.

  6. Shout to the colts, they stayed in there till the bitter end.

  7. These highlights are getting quite bad, in the editing department, sometimes the plays are cut, or there's no way to know what happened, I'm watching these highlights from a long time and I can tell that the quality is being affected in a negative way. I hope you can fix this (making a difficult to understand game more difficult will get less people interested on it)

  8. Matt for some reason doesn't like to throw to the flat unless it's a crosser route smh get that shyt to the TEs and the RBs smh

  9. 9:57……”that’s a good play by Franklin”……..that play lost the game.
    That’s why you aren’t on the #1 team.

  10. Matt ryan too slow to escape any pressure. Really a mobile quarterbacks game now

  11. Eagles are ass 😂😂😂😂 9-1 against shitty teams

  12. Hurts just is not that high powered qb who puts big numbers on the scoreboard and when you do that as in our 2017 sb win you have a chance when your defense dosent show he was doing good but the team has declined majorly 17 points is not enough left to much off the score board is he a great guy a leader yea not sure he’s the answer long term long balls not thrown near enough

  13. How can anybody watch hurts and think he is any more than a very average QB. Lmao (Eagles fan)

  14. Bama should of stuck with Hurts over Tua back in the day. It fueled Jalens hunger to prove he’s wasn’t a B-List backup. Give the man his flowers 💐. Salute 🫡. From the “713”

  15. Had to have been the dumbest PI I've ever seen. What was he thinking?

  16. Are we just going to ignore the mascot’s response to Jalen’s touchdown? 😂 10:33

  17. Mat ryan is never the same after what brady did in sb 😆 🤣 😂

  18. Saints 4-8 record is 4th worst in the league. Never has a 1 seed or playoff team ever had a top 5 pick and their own 1st. Their future is bright. And the saints record and damn tough remaining schedule may play into the eagles hands and favor. Thats big time! through 11 games jalen hurts has 2650 yard on 68% passing , with a whopping 8 yards per attempt with 17 TDs and only 3 INT on a 105 rating.🔥🔥🔥 while rushing for 600 yards and 8 TDS 🔥🔥🔥currently 2nd best odds to win mvp. They've built this team perfectly with pro bowl caliber talent surrounding hurts on offense, they have a deadly rushing attack behind the best oline in football 💪 lead the league in rushing TDs while also leading in defensive takeaways🔥🔥🔥. I think they break the record this year for most pro bowl players on a team, they legit could send 8. How many teams in history could ever say all that plus own 2 1st round picks! Lets face it their a damn good team now sitting at 10-1 and playing for 1 seed! And just rushed for 360 yards on primetime tv 🤫 lord if they get the 1 seed, watch out NFL!
    Eagles Dynasty loading……………🏆🏆🏆

  19. Sometimes you need to divorce from reality, turn on YouTube and watch 2 hours of colts v Seahawks 2013. Ok it’s lame cuz it’s from the past but entertainment is entertainment. And colts season is over

  20. Funny to think the cowboys scored 33 points on these guys in the 4thquarter and the eagles barely beat them!!!! Lol give it time eagle fans you guys will choke…🦃

  21. Imagine the outcome of this game if the colts didn’t Miss that FG lol and not converting another TD while way down their by the goal line

  22. Week 11

    Eagles def. Colts 17-16!!!! 🏈


    NFL on CBS (KYW CBS 3 Philadelphia)

  23. Who here scouting eagles after 49ers vs eagles confirmed for nfc championship. And eagles fans think they unstoppable. But struggle to beat colts cards and lost at home to commanders. They ain't unstoppable. Nether are niners. But we don't act like we are

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