No deal Brexit to give UK £140billion BOOM say economists – ignore ‘project fear HYSTERIA’ in 2023

laatste update: 11-2023

No deal Brexit to give UK £140billion BOOM say economists – ignore ‘project fear HYSTERIA’
MPs will be given a vote on ruling out quitting the bloc unless an agreement is in place if Theresa May’s exit plan is rejected on Tuesday. But the pro-Leave Economists for Free Trade group has made a last push to keep the option on the table and accused Remainers of “Project Fear” hysteria about walking away. Its analysis found Britain will flourish if it leaves on March 29 on world trade rules.”In its attempt to force through its EU Withdrawal Agreement, the Government is painting a no-deal Brexit as some sort of disaster,” the report states.”It is, in fact, a recipe for economic success – free of the shackles of EU protectionism, budget costs, intrusive regulation and subsidisation of unskilled immigration.”According to the research, leaving the customs union and single market would increase national output by seven per cent over 15 years, a £140 billion boost. The group said the benefits come from an increase in free trade with countries outside the EU that currently face high tari…


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6 gedachten over “No deal Brexit to give UK £140billion BOOM say economists – ignore ‘project fear HYSTERIA’ in 2023”

  1. I agree too much scaremongering we need to just LEAVE no deal. The EU will need to deal without us having to pay the bloody vampires. Its been 2yrs enough time for those invested in the EU to get out.


  3. hahahah…will see…Why uk need two years and a half for to negociate to leave EU???… Brexiters believe that cows fly…morons.

  4. No-deal WTO-EXIT then agree WTO-GATT Article-24 months of transition to an FTA!

  5. TMs document is not a deal to leave. It is a directive to move sideways and downwards, awarding more control to the EU. Deals can be made with Countries we trade with. We don’t need a the EU as. a commission taking intermediary. WTO has a common rule book for members, so is a useful tool. LIBERTY ON 29/3.

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