Nikita Did A Random Q&A. Here’s What He Said… – Escape From Tarkov News

laatste update: 03-2023

Well then…




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  1. Thanks for coming by boys, trying to not be overly negative, but also trying to call it like I see it. Hopefully didn't come off too jaded.

  2. Everytime Onepeg says “I literally don’t know what any of this $hit means”

    “he’s literally me” – me

  3. Is it possible to provide concise information to persuade me that the "propaganda" comment is factual? I've played for years and sit at 5k hours. The game feels immensely better than when I began and my "suspicion" of cheaters is at an all-time low (I play SE NA regions, and even NE, etc). I'm not dogging you, Onepeg. I want to hear a logically sound explanation of what compelled you to make that claim – not a random viewer opting to try and respond. I hope your day is going well! Maybe I'll hear from you.

  4. I wish people just enjoyed playing a very difficult game and enjoyed the times they were successful and championed those moments rather than dilute the thrill and experience this game provides by cheating in a game that wipes every 6 months. I literally cannot fathom what kind of logic or thought process is involved with wasting at minimum $100 a month to cheat and play the game in a way that truly defeats why it exists in the first place. Cheaters literally out here with the smallest brainlets and inverted penises.

  5. i feel like we've just gone to shitting on bsg for things that are not deserved to be shit on. fir is a good change. dropping millions of rubles of gear too friends always is hard to distinguish from a rwt'er, etc. rest of the shit, 100% agree.

  6. the first comment iis just stupid "Put maps etc on hold" -_- Forgot those people also do netcode etc!

  7. Hmmm I literally inquired about jobs as BSG and was met with "we currently arent hiring outside of Russia due to logistical issues" okay then. lol.

  8. Simple question. Why would they take away their best source of income?

  9. @onepeg they need a Fido based MFA tool like Okta. That’s the safest way to do 2FA. My credentials are I work in cybersecurity but not for Okta.

  10. All these replies seem so half-assed in my opinion, like he doesn't really care that much.

  11. Three streamers I decided I will actively avoid are Onepeg, Rengawr, and Veritas. It was good for a while, but I’m out. Way better, more positive people to support instead.

  12. Nikita, it's time you realized that we don't believe you, especially after you stated that these things would be done by now.. it's been over 4 years now, and we're not stupid.
    You need to fix this problem, or your game is going to die.

  13. They said they ban thousands of accounts EACH DAY. How much money is that? Cheaters buy thousands of them every day?

  14. Did i hear that right? That if you have an older computer without TPM that you wouldn't be able to play? I wouldn't want that particular suggestion as my friend has my old computer that has a 4th gen I7 4770k and the motherboards then don't have TPM if I'm not mistake but the computer has an SSD and a GTX 1080 which is perfect for Tarkov. To me that wouldn't be the best option.

  15. They still are not unbanning innocent people lvl 2 peg lvl 2 i only loot or die . So im banned for eith looting a dead cheater, looting some a cheater killed or killed by the invisible cheaters. An im banned idk if i wanna play this game anymore

  16. What kills me seeing this is that there’s two distinct reactions going on: BSG’s negligent indifference, and knowing deep down that at the expense of providing absolute quality issue addresses, cheaters and hackers will look for every avenue they can to ensure they can continue to be malicious.

    I don’t know enough to know how AC systems work. I do know that if you try and prevent someone from doing something, if they have the know-how, they’ll exhaust every option to keep doing what they’re doing. Hopefully, their blatant hubris becomes their downfall.

  17. Dude imagine if we had a roadmap all this time, it would just cause unecessary rage, it will not go well, they wont be able to hit any of the goals in time, and people are just going to be mad, they cant just create a roadmap if nikita just keeps sidetracking development to combat rmt by making the game worse and worse for regular players

  18. some of this is nice, but its mostly damage control. they are either horribly overworked and missing shit left and right, are are so horribly inept that they just cant manage this issue properly.

    and yeah, im right with onepeg… a lot of those responses from nikita sound like total bullshit.

    give us proof for one, but mostly…. a one or 2 word response on such complicated issues is just lazy and borderline irresponsible.

  19. why doesnt BSG just use a better anticheat? like a higher tier battle eye like that commenter said in stream?

  20. Found in raid was the beggining of the end, from what he said its going to get worse, cant imagine how many mechanics will be removed and added to stop cheaters, while all the comunity that doesnt cheat 95% suffer

  21. @Onepeg I'm an ML engineer and could build them an AWS ML app given daily player data. I've tried reaching out to BSG, but if you have any direct connections please tell them to reach out. I've pinged them on reddit directly (nikita) and reached out to them on their website. I'd build it pro bono and sign any reasonable NDA.

  22. I dont honestly think theyre going to take action I think this is more of a defusal of the situation. Back in like 2018 or something we were begging for an anti cheat 3rd party before battle eye and that was the last effort ive seen them make in terms of anti cheat. I used to be in love with this game and played it for 5 years. I want it to be amazing but its just not. And I wish the player base would die down to make them actually consider doing something but I dont think they will. I dont think there will ever be another game like tarkov and I dont see tarkov recovering from this… I just dont buy that they care really. RMT and cheating accounts give them a lot more money.

  23. Of course they missed! They were on vacation!!! After launching the wipe, which is the moment where there are most people playing the game and things needs to be fixed, they went on a fucking vacation.

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