Nifty coming down. Time to worry? | 3 stocks to study |

laatste update: 08-2022

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Nifty coming down. Time to worry? | 3 stocks to study |
Discussed about top 10 stocks to invest in present market situation. Covered in detail top stocks to invest. These are shares which are near breakout area on technical charts. Best shares to trade in stock market is covered with reasoning.

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Disclaimer – This is our personal view and mutual funds and equity investments are subject to market risk. Please read all offer documents before investing. This video is only for education purpose. Please consult your adviser before investing. This video is only to give information and only for education purpose.

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  1. Sir, I love your research and explanations on stocks, investments and trading. Any way that you can stream live and trade along with your fans and followers with live chats for few Q&A.😇

  2. sir, great stuff, one suggestion: please add chapter markers which were available previously n very useful, especially for re-views

  3. Sir, I am state government employee..
    And also invested in delivery, also did intraday and future and Option…in 2021-2022 financial year…which ITR I need to fill in?

  4. Hello Sir,

    I totally agree the stuff you are speaking in a good way, but there are few more user may be totally new and only deal with for small investor retail investors who deals only with 5k or 10k per month .. for them include a 1 min or 2 in your section this will help. Like how to check chart ,and chart what represents. This will help

  5. Anant bhaiya busy in Articleship now I again started watching ur video nd Investing in the mrkt after 5-6 mnths.

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