NFTs are blowing up, here’s how you make money with them – Bijanca Star

laatste update: 05-2023

Non-fungible tokens, or NTFs, are growing in mainstream popularity. What exactly are they, and how can investors profit from this growing trend?

Bijanca Star, host of NFThursdays, discusses with David Lin, anchor for Kitco News, the onboarding process for new NFT investors.

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30 gedachten over “NFTs are blowing up, here’s how you make money with them – Bijanca Star”

  1. Love Bijancas enthusiasm, but personally not getting this N.F.T or metaverse stuff?

  2. Most people throw out receipts. And now people pay millions for them. We living in a paradox

  3. Don’t waste 15 minutes of your life on this.She’s not that cute

  4. Opensea sucks ETH has fees so much. There are other blockchains that have super low gas fees

  5. she pretty and she knows about the blockchain…!!!oh my …..shes the perfect nerd

  6. I won't waste 1 min on the show after investing 1 minute on the comments.

  7. NFT is loony toon! I wonder if I can mint my bowel movement since it's unique and no one has it🤔

  8. Sure, the hot influencer chick is going to tell us all how to make money investing.

  9. This is just the biggest load of nonesense I’ve ever heard. Seriously, this is nuts!

  10. Can anyone design one with my 🐈 🐈‍⬛ ?I’m sure it would be worth millions 🥸

  11. It's important to note that the NFT itself is not actually stored on the blockchain. That would be prohibitively expensive. The image, for example, is stored on one server which could go down at some point.

  12. Finally sounds like a real conference in the background…F the f lu

  13. Another hottie! David is wallowing in pleasure. We see your roguish smile, David, you cannot hide that from your audience.

  14. I remember when kitco used to have thoughtful guests that had decades of perspective on markets. Now they bring on eye candy to pitch pyramid schemes

  15. It's really kind of weird with this super cute girl and all these kind of weird dudes in the background. Plus Dave's hair is razor sharp today.

  16. The skeptics in this chat prove we're still early in crypto.

  17. I created my butties and minted them on OpenSea. I'll have to find her on Twitter and IG. Nice interview. Thx!

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