NFT Tickets Are the Solution to Ticket Scalpers for Live Nation, AEG Presents, Venues & Promoters in 2023

laatste update: 10-2023

One of the biggest complaints that Michael Rapino (CEO of Live Nation) and other promoters, sports teams, or live event producers have are tickets being sold in the aftermarket. A great solution to that issue is NFT tickets. Let me explain in this video.

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  1. This guy is lying the reason why ticket prices are high is the artist and Ticket Master livenation they are the ones scalping tickets as they have huge secondary markets.The Arenas like American Airlines Center in Dallas TX or Most venues are holding back ti keys and adjusting the price according to secondary market.If a ticket is sold by a promoter he's done his job
    There was a set price the ticket was sold.Scalping tickets only come I to play for Johnny come latleys or the uninformed about when their favorite artist are in town.The main reason why ticket prices are sky high and will never go down is because of the digitized tickets because of this there is less inventory which created high demand.People are more computer savvy and have notifications telling them when their favorite acts will be in town. So online buying and less box office is what's fueling this outrageous price gouging because electronic tickets have all but eliminated street scalping and fake tickets are a thing of the past no more fake tickets as they are all digital now.

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