NFT Copyrights, Scams & Problems…

laatste update: 12-2022

The truth about NFT’s. NFT scams, NFT copyright issues and what you really own when you own a non-fungible token. The NFT crypto economy looks a lot like a pyramid scheme… and people are going to lose money.

The NFT craze is in full swing and doodles like the Bored Ape Yacht Club are selling for unrealistic values….or are they? Wash sales and money laundering are pervasive and eventually we could see an NFT crypto crash. Let’s just be real about what NFT’s are and what they are not.

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US Copyright Website:
Chainalysis NFT Crime Report:

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  1. 200 views seriously ? My man , shared logical stuff here , sad to see it has less views. Hope thus comment / like and subscribe helps YouTube push this video

  2. Our team comes from Jingdezhen, China. We plan to make ceramic artworks made by ceramic art from all over the world into NFT. Each ceramic object is an NFT, and the real object is bound to NFT one by one. Each NFT transaction indicates that the ceramic artwork is also traded, and the holder of the NFT is the actual owner of the ceramic artwork. What do you think of this project?

  3. I enjoyed your video. It’s the first one to give me some information about some of the blocks and scams that are lurking, and seem probable to trip you up. I feel like you’re getting at some real world problems for those artist like me, looking to see if NFT’s are something I can get into to monetize my work, and get it into the market place without dealing with galleries and other 3rd parties who can block you are cause problems for you, by keeping you from reaching the potential market place, world wide. So thanks for your efforts. I’m watching a second vid from you dealing with some more problems you see. I’m dubious about the energy cost thing, since real world banks, from what I under stand use 6 times the energy of the crypto NFT’s energy consumption. But that all said, I’m just doing my beginning research right now. So I have no real opinion. Thanks for your efforts. I finally learned something.

  4. This is a really good video, thanks. Greetings from Peru

  5. I love NFT's so much. We now get a way to price cryptocurrency. At the moment, to me, it seems, crypto is overprized by about 1000%? 20000%? I am not a digital art connoisseur, but my estimate the ape is worth about $20 a piece. So divide $350.000/$20 → overprized 17500 times ^__^

  6. Really sad this video didn't get the visibility that deserves.

  7. I am facing a great trouble. Whenever I upload an NFT on opensea, whoever visits my page, nft opens in full size. like 3000 * 3000. In this way anyone can steal my image by saving on their computers. While I have seen NFTs by other artists they open in merely small size on any viewer browser. only buyers can download them in full size.

    Please tell me how should I make such settings that my NFT would open in small size and only buyer can watch it in full size. I am much worried. Please answer my question if you have any information about it.

  8. Hello guys.
    It's normal when you make your first sale to have some credit on your wallet so the transaction be valid and receive money from the buyer ?

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  10. This good recommendation of mine gose to above name for recovery my lost $375 BTC I never knew raimo will fulfill his promise until I obey and follow his instructions❤️

  11. I mean… pretty much the entirety of the crypto market has been a pyramid scheme since at least 2015-2016. Seems like there's an endless mount of suckers falling into that well.

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