NEWS ROUNDUP: Operation Choke Point Accelerates!

Operation chokepoint seems to be ramping up as Signature bank shut, confidence lost as bank contagion spreads, Gensler suggests staking is a security and much more on today’s show!


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11 gedachten over “NEWS ROUNDUP: Operation Choke Point Accelerates!”

  1. @BTC Sessions Would you consider an updated non KYC BTC video with the different options?

  2. Regarding on/off rails to the traditional banking system from crypto:

    Cannabis. We’ve seen this play out before. When medical marijuana came on the scene, every major institution refused to bank cannabis companies. To this day most cannabis distributors can’t use banks.
    Meanwhile… a multi billion dollar industry that employees thousands of people, and provides much needed/requested goods and services thrives.

    First they ignore
    Then they laugh
    Then they fight <——here we are
    Then, you win or lose.

    Wheels are in motion and we have a perfect money on our side. What a time to be alive…

  3. It’s gonna be a battle between CBDC and BTC. Obviously

  4. Any government scheme for digital currency will fail as badly as FTX. I cant wait to watch it happen in real time.

  5. Is it really necessary to name them all the time shitcoins? Even when by mistake you called it eth, the real name, you have to correct yourself? I am a Bitcoin maximalist (more or less) and I find it very annoying. Hopes other find it too and tell it

  6. We need permissionless transfer of value over Internet. And more importantly we need a store of value that is digital.

  7. Given con artists SBF, Do Kwan and many others, it’s arguably a good thing to protect the street from those dudes.

    Or maybe they’re just laying groundwork to register ETH and all the other unregistered securities.

  8. So jpow seems to think that inflation is psychological . This explains why they believe destroying demand is the solution.

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