New World | Devs Respond to the Current Issues in 2022

laatste update: 10-2022

In a long developer blog, the new world developers break down the current issues, and plans for the first major update to the game.
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11 gedachten over “New World | Devs Respond to the Current Issues in 2022”

  1. I called the linking of Trading Posts in your "A Troubled Economy" video!!!! Yayayayayaya 🙂

    "Ideas: 1) Make trading posts all link together, would help stabilize prices and make 0.01 go up, more people buying for different town boards in one market. Taxes still go to the settlement where item was purchased."

  2. AGS has unfortunately lost my trust so I am having a hard time believing them on the ban system and client/server side stuff. I hope in time what they say proves to be true but for now I will remain skeptical.

  3. Well I was thinking of starting playing and I was kind of impressed with the speed they addressed issues although less so that the issues actually exist. I am very much less impressed buy the pitiful action taken against people who take advantage of these exploits, they should have learned from Blizzard that they need to jump heavily on people who cheat otherwise it just gets worse as people think the penalties a joke. I used to hate gold selling chat spammers in WoW and I hope AGS come up with a better "solution" than Blizz did.

  4. I'm glad that the markets are being linked! (But I'm also a casual player)…lol

  5. I like the linking of trade posts it conserves azoth which is too valuable since it only has a cap of 1k. I'd prefer though that they link storage. Would be a wonderful quality of life change.

  6. AGS is slowly gaining my trust. They have a long way to go, but if this is a sign of things to come, then I think that NW has a very bright futute.

  7. It's real FLICKING RICH Amazon tweaking rewards because they want a fair economy.

  8. New world will be ok. People just need to stop listening to the doomsayers

  9. Hi Brian! Frankly I’m in awe at the optimism of the New World team. They are certainly trying to deliver! Judging by recent developments things are not very stable. But clearly issues are getting resolved. The problem seems to be they patch one leak and four more manifest themselves. Let’s see how things go. Thank you for the video. Stay safe. ❤️

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