NEW PHASMOPHOBIA GAME?! w/ XQC! – Ghost Hunters Corp

laatste update: 08-2022


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30 gedachten over “NEW PHASMOPHOBIA GAME?! w/ XQC! – Ghost Hunters Corp”

  1. dude the ending when poke calls out for xqc and then you see him walk into frame exorcising this demon is the funniest shit ever

  2. It’s great cuz actually screams exactly like Tom I haven’t laughed this much in a while

  3. for anyone wondering when xqc started reading the bible it worked the first time you dont have to read it entirely the ghost often gets exorcised around the middle the blue smoke mean it worked and the white that it didnt and is not the correct one

  4. Hi, I love the video, have you tried HOLY PURGE, its a great co-op game like this. I'd love to see you play it with your friends

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