New Event Steps, It’s NOT Over? New Details on DMZ BETA // Tarkov News // DMZ News

laatste update: 12-2022

Today we got what looked to be either an event end or event next step message from BSG while seeing no noticeable changes in game which is very odd. Usually after an event when BSG sends a new picture it means one of the two will happen. Sanitar is still reported to be spawning on Customs while in the the letter from Rhizy that we got on BSG’s twitter it referenced him finding a keycard for Santitars office and wanting to go check it out. We’ve checked both of his offices and found nothing. Because we found nothing I’m assuming at some point today Sanitar will stop spawning on customs or something will be found in either of the offices.

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Although I do sometimes get a hand from BSG and occasionally get to talk to Nikita or other members of the team, I do not work for BSG. I also work entirely off public information and past experiences of working in game dev myself, as well as following this game closely for several years. Unless I state very clearly otherwise, the information you’re about to hear should be taken as speculation. You can either get no information or speculation, that’s all we have to go off of these days unfortunately which is why it’s easier to just say Thursday whenever anyone asks for dates. If you want hard facts and dates you won’t get them, period.

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  1. This questline is how Streets gets introduced to the player with a cameo at the end by a certain possessor of lumens

  2. Awesome video dude.
    Cod will never defeat tarkov lol
    Tarkov is it's own specimen.
    A true gem

  3. I'll check DMZ put but I highly doubt ita going to be my main game.

  4. Console games use BETA so they don’t have to pay for console updates.. all this comes back to money lol @noiceguy

  5. Christmas wipe is only a month away roughly and if its going to be released next wipe with streets of tarkov like they said ( streets will be releasing with 1.0) then i can bet these events are going to be huge especially with how they said wipes will be near non existent in 1.0 (or atleast only for major things that need it) so yeah i reckon it could be leading upto the wipe event like they will probably release a fair bit of lore and stuff like that

  6. can see it intentionally going being a multi step event that's not exactly pre-wipe. was mentioned the only other even that was being the lightkeeper event, and we are following the story of the same main person in this set of events.

  7. anyone been getting random emails i got one that said lightkeeper some random numbers then abunch of random mismatched words and letters

  8. Seems like most scams have better loot rn like bigger backpacks and better carriers, also seems like the scav population is slightly higher than normal but maybe that's just me getting luckier lol

  9. I feel like it's a huge missed opportunity not being able to find gun attachments in the map and build guns that way aside from the personal loadouts. "Call of duty is about customizing weapons so we still want you to bring those creations into DMZ" it's so frustrating reading that sentence.

  10. Who cares about Escape From Fortnite, I clicked on the video for Tarkov. Both subjects need apart videos imo.

  11. I can remember how much fun tarkov was.. so much i even bought eod for myself and my duo buddy.. well worst 150€ i have ever spant because we only played till level 25 this wipe and then we uninstalled and never looked back..

  12. Getting so bored of waiting on this becoming good and playable.

  13. I think the Tarkov wipe is closer than we think. Battlestate will want to release the patch as close to DMZ release as possible to remain competitive. Tarkov is currently dead, and if they dont release soon, they could loose a large portion of thier player base to DMZ, and Nikita knows it

  14. The best indication that DMZ is gonna kill Tarkov is their decision to keep 2000 ruble notes as the in-game money model

  15. Hey Noise, what do we have to do to get BSG to change the quests – my 6th wipe coming up and jesus I'm bored of the current quest lines, changing the quests would really freshen up the game and it feels like it would be easy to do ?

  16. OMG imagine if prestiging would wipe your weapon unlocks and parts and you can find these weapons and parts in dmz and extract instead of grinding multiplayer again!!! That would be a MASSIVE incentive to play

  17. Sucks that they have such short events, why the hell dont they have it run a bit longer??? They do it every time, just as I get some time to play, boom event over… Idiots.

  18. bro after watching these clips in this vid about DMZ, it just feels like COD, i cant understand how anyone would find it similar. as someone who is a fan of the genre, i probably wont even pick it up honestly

  19. Is there any chance that BSG will do something with Mp5k – It would be nice to have possibility of suppresing that weapon and puting flashlight.

  20. I am enjoying DMZ! My only issue it's super buggy and can't do more than a 3 man (sucks) since we are able to do 5 man in Tarkov.

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