NEW EVENT!! ARENA IS COMING w/ PRICE INCREASE // Escape from Tarkov News in 2023

laatste update: 10-2023

Today is the first day Arena is playable at gamescom and we got some confirmations around what the countdown on the launcher is about. I apologize because I thought this was talking about the sale but it isn’t. The price of all versions of the game will increase in about 15 hours of the recording of this video. The reason why seems to be because they are going to include arena into that cost. If you check out a post from last year when they first announced arena you’ll see that they confirm that EOD will have arena included for free as DLC and yet it says the price is increasing on the website. #escapefromtarkov #tarkov #tarkovnews #tarkovupdate #tarkovarena
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Although I do sometimes get a hand from BSG and occasionally get to talk to Nikita or other members of the team, I do not work for BSG. I also work entirely off public information and past experiences of working in game dev myself, as well as following this game closely for several years. Unless I state very clearly otherwise, the information you’re about to hear should be taken as speculation. You can either get no information or speculation, that’s all we have to go off of these days unfortunately which is why it’s easier to just say Thursday whenever anyone asks for dates. If you want hard facts and dates you won’t get them, period.

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  1. So slight jebait cuz today was the press access day and it looks like something BIG is happening tomorrow.

  2. Haven't payed bsg since 2016 in alpha for eod. One of the best/ worst purchases I've ever made

  3. bro they make so much money escpecially off cheaters buying new accounts by the thousands.

  4. on one hand yeah I get the increasing price of the game, on the other its already a 40-140 dollar game man. This might sound like an unfair comparison but man Terraria gives you everything for 10 dollars and has been updated for the past 10 years. 10 Dollars for 10 years of game. 140 for the like 4 is… still not great, but at least we're not Destiny players lol.

    Also don't hit me with the "Standard Edition is 40 dollars" bro that shit is dogshit and designed to make you want EOD lol, which is what most active players actually use.

  5. Lmao, maybe it's gonna be worth on sale. I'm in no rush to pay for two AAA games worth of money to get a "free" Arena that will probably have as big of a cheater issue as the main game.

  6. They should just increase standard edition to $1 short of the next level and farm money from Hackers.

  7. I really don't get the hype over Arena. What kind of value is it adding to the ETF game?

  8. Wait, so is arena actually coming? Or are we just paying for it?

  9. Not gonna lie, this sounds like a cheese way to get a bunch of people to buy/upgrade to the EoD copy and thats honestly kinda disheartening.

  10. Always wondered what their income stream is besides selling game copys to cheaters…

  11. Once the game is fully fleshed out, I wouldn't have an issue with a monthly subscription. Similar to world of warcraft, etc. This is MMO tier

  12. 2:04 If you play with your keyboard like that I will never respect you and we will be throwing hands on sight

  13. I was there on Wednesday, you get nothing for free, I asked extra. The appearance of bsg is really ridiculous

  14. people saying it'll deter cheaters from buying the game. bruh its only a couple dollars more. I don't think ya'll realize how much money cheaters make. It's not going to slow cheaters unless its like 100$. Cheaters don't buy the higher editions of the game,they just buy the base edition, cheat for a couple days,maybe a week depending on how discreet they are while selling the stuff htey get in game, easily profit,get banned,repeat.

    I think it's pretty dumb to say they're increasing the price because they're taking into account arena. oh but btw you're paying more for arena, when you can't even pay arena, you gotta pay more than the increased amount they raised it to.

  15. Theyll be to late, i like this game and there will always be people playing, but Counter-Strike 2 is about to take over. So their esports ambition is odd, especially using cs pro's for Arena testing.

  16. More reason to push ppl away at this point it is clear its milking people badly whether with hacks and ban waves etc It should be a free game imo

  17. On the website it actually says 120 days until price increase. Anyone else seen this ?

  18. I don’t mind once there is NEVER micro transactions in this game. They are destroying gaming

  19. Well, at least they understand who keeps their game alive by allowing press and 'influencers' access. /s

  20. I tried playing Arena in the B2B area but they wouldn´t let me. It really isn´t that easy to get to play it.

  21. Increasing the price, giving us shitty unplayable Street Of Tarkov with the worst map design (Remember Nikita said Street is one of the most complex map in history of video games), liying every ear about "we fix those bug", "game will release this year", "Open world is coming", "Arena will be available this year", going on Escape From Tarkov to get full cheater, full bug, desync since 10 000 years, scav ia who spwan behind you and then seeing BSG coming and being like "Guys Pre-Order for Arena is open" 😂😂 Those russian dev don't gibe a shit about anything, don't even respect they own customer ! The funniest things is to see people happy about the state of game ! Got my 4500hours in Tarkov, but this wipe was the end for me ! Ill wait Arena because I buy a stupid EOD, but honestly Escape From Tarkov was my most beautiful discovery and my greatest disappointment at the same time

  22. The best way for them to make a lot of money on the game is to put it on consoles

  23. The prices didn't even go up with inflation, so it's a good thing they increase it. The game is only getting better, yes some aspects are worse than when I started (looking at you AUDIO!!!) but mostly been improvements. Dlss, fsr, more and more content, I didn't get a bug where I had to disconnect due to rig and mag bugs this wipe so far, traders are better, questing for average people is better, flee is more balanced, more tasks, events are fun, boss voices, so many things have been added we can't just latch onto audio and netcode errors when these issues are only getting better on top of adding a lot more stuff to do. Ps and lps not being available for level 1 traders making class 2-3 armors actually viable and so many things they've done for the better of the game.

  24. price incress cos cost of living went up in russia simple answer

  25. my friend the servers of this game are on fire, you can't play any games on streets and you think about arena, you deserve a shitty game

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