My Reaction to Benjamin Cowen’s Cardano Prediction in 2023

laatste update: 10-2023

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30 gedachten over “My Reaction to Benjamin Cowen’s Cardano Prediction in 2023”

  1. Exactly… and now we have Hydra in the works… HUGE!!! I think TPS is going to change things significantly mainly because the door for mainstream adoption will be open, especially at the time that other chains fees are going to be pissing everyone off!!!

  2. There must be some sort of record for the amount of crypto cycles that have come and gone and Charles Hoskins is still managing to convince newbies to buy up his Crapdano believing that one day it will be used for something. I bought it many years ago and canโ€™t believe people are still buying it

  3. Reality is all you guys predictions are wrong 100% of the time anyway. People who listen to it are bound to get rekt

  4. my question for you all bull masters that always speak only about going to the moon is… who the hell you think is gonna invest so much to pump the rally so soon without a correction crash before the halving to signal the start of the next run, now when the prices have already raised quite a bit, when the banks are falling like flies, when people are losing their jobs and corporations are running bankrupt due to high rates debt they can't pay anymore?

  5. Hi Love your Podcast.

    I cannot sync my nano x with my computer. It was working fine, then just stopped one day. I have been in contact with ledger support for aprx. 3 months now. They still have no answers, and have closed the case. Have you heard of this happening to anyone else. I would greatly appreciate any help. Thank You.

  6. Assuming Cardano can't go back down (in sats) to 2018 lows is a faulty logic. Because you are not counting the whole space is in another level and much more competitive with better contenders. It also assumes Bitcoin hasn't changed, and it has, there are more users, more holders and even NFTs on it. So Cardano has to prove itself, and be provably better than the rest. Not just buzzwords coming from Charles. I say this as a 2017 Cardano holder

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    ski chimney gift resemble modify arrange bar beauty embrace cattle morning oppose

  8. I demand to see the return of the Flying Crow project ranking system.

  9. I don't care about the short-term I'm more interested in the long-term. What we're gonna get in the bullrun, what do you think? $10

  10. Iโ€™ll spend 30 seconds on this video and tell you that as a former data analyst, Benjamin Cowen is the best in the game. Everyone else is jurist playing catch-up.

  11. Benjamin relies too much on the past and his models. He doesnt like to think outside the box.

  12. Cardano to return to 0.15 – 0.17 before the next bull market, just saying

  13. We talk about the same thing over and over for years. Cardano just Dosent move.

  14. The thing is, Benjamin went full permabear. There is zero positive content coming from him. In his eyes the whole market, everything will die and stay dead forever. For me, he is the new opticalArts of 2017.

  15. Did you really try to take credit for Ben Cowens success lmao

  16. going lower in a bear market is always possible.. if you are along term investor in cardano i dont think this is anything to be super worried about. what I hear is another opportunity to fill my bags at a lower price… I say let the sale begin.. it just means more profit in the bull market not less. Thanks Ben !

  17. Cardano very expensive fee than ETH. Thats why is not going up the price

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