30 gedachten over “my $PEPE would now be worth $1,300,000 in 2023”

  1. This Man is lier even Bezinga magazine was reporting about this man they take he was serious about his shiba but he was lier 😂😂

    2 of my coworkers were showing me Shiba Inu when it had all 0’s and a 5. I didn’t know how to use the DEX yet so I blew it off. Fast forward if I would have put $100 in I would be a multimillionaire right now😂 now I’m buying like crazy waiting for .01 lol

  3. something every coin …I remember your shiba video..

  4. Why did you sell? I would of held it to 1.7 Billion MC😆! I faded at 15 Million MC, thought I was late to the play😬!

  5. U invested in a scam token people inside Pepe made money sad the investors didn’t

  6. People in the comments saying investment, sorry it's speculating, it ain't investing.

  7. I want to cry with you mate….but I have Milady! That's a meme coin to watch out!

  8. Yooooo…. you only loose when you sell, kids these days

  9. You have a second chance with the best meem coin Jesus Coin. It's gaining huge right now and their going to burn 80% of the remaining tokens in December. The other one to get into is Elephant Money, the best Defi play.

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