My Blunt & Honest Take on Escape From Tarkov

laatste update: 05-2023

DeadlySlob gives his blunt and honest thoughts on the current state of Escape From Tarkov as well as suggesting changes for the future that could improve the overall experience of the game.




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  1. I think the game is great as it stands go back and play pac man from the 90s if you don’t like playing EFT

  2. Also feel like grinding millions of roubles is pointless atm. You could be at 10million roubles and be running the same gear as someone with 100million roubles. You’re also pretty much running the exact same gear at level 42 making it also bland and boring if your continuing to play if you enjoy Tarkovs progressive style gameplay. They should Atleast make the high tier ammo and Armor accessible with the new light keeper trader to have a reason for players to grind.

  3. so what if im informed i reported someone who got banned. they still stole my gear, time, progress. not enough BSG

  4. why was a hideout ever implemented into the game to begin with? why was waiting for your PMC character to heal after a failed raid implemented into the game?
    this game was always a waste of time, money, and resources
    the only game worse then EFT is Star Citizen with close to $500M sunk into an alpha build

  5. A reason to not let players make money off of the hideout, the hideout mini game becomes the game most people play if they hop on or they do that and play scavs with streamers and that's all the worry about is money

  6. I think the fundamental problem with EFT is basically how the game funnels people into two group, very predictable hardcore pvp players, or just sitting around in a bush for 10 minutes waiting for the chads to leave the server so you can have the map to yourself. Neither of these play styles are enjoyable or feel organic, and both feel like a missed opportunity from a game that should allow players enjoy the maps in a more wholistic way and where the pvp is more unpredictable and organic. Basically I think their shouldn't really be a raid timer and people should trickle into maps at different times into longer raids where items respawn from time to time so there's never really a rush that funnels people into one direction too quickly.

  7. Problem i see with prestiging is doing the same quest over again. That to me is a big killer of this game.

  8. I think what would be really interesting is encouraging more player cohesion and teamwork, if were to apply the lore of tarkov to the gameplay, if USECs were to find fellow USECs in raid they wouldn't want to kill each other, they're on the same team, they're fellow soldiers of fortune and are basically co-workers being part of the same PMC group. The same for BEAR, now obviously the player isn't in that position so when we see a fellow USEC we fight but I would love to see the same scav rep system applied to the PMCs. you could have a "handler" trader who gives you access to extremely beneficial gear and perks based on your cooperation with PMCs of the same faction in raid and your elimination of PMCs of the other faction.

    I think this would fix a lot of problems the game has, now instead of insta killing everything on sight, you got to check whether its your boys or not, you have to ID the enemy first making fights longer and making people who just camp in corners not so op. and if your low level going into a mid wipe raid instead of being completely fucked in every fight because you have ammo that can barely shoot through paper, you can try and find a fellow faction member and ask for some help.

    I basically just think it would be really cool to spawn on a map like interchange, seeing a player in the distance just out of eyesight, stalking them for like 10 minutes until your close enough to hear each other. yelling out asking if they're a fellow USEC and hearing nothing in response, silence, you realise that your metres away from the enemy and then you can have a actual fight. No camping, no sniping from 300m away, a fair fun fight between two opposing sides. A fight that will attract other PMCs, some from your side, some from the other and the 1v1 becomes an all out 5v5 skirmish comms all coming through voice chat until there is only 1 side left.

  9. Here's the Miriam – Webster definition of proactive: acting in anticipation of future problems, needs, or changes. This is the exact opposite of what the devs have been doing. Don't get me wrong, the devs reacting to the community's concerns about the game is a good thing, it just isn't proactive

  10. Not really a timeline if they have no dates still lol thats like them talking about full release and combining all maps… Its just hope hopeless hope

  11. Hey @Deadlyslob could you make the base volume of the videos slightly higher? I like to listen to you at work but it’s a little noisy. At max volume I can just barely make out what you’re saying.

    Love ya!

  12. Give us more costumes or player customization to spice up the game . Even female soldiers and voice lines

  13. Im maybe a bit above average player, and I HATE early wipe. Gunfights are boring in the beginning and too short. I prefer drawn out, long fights with players that have better gear than me. Nothing more satisfying than killing pmcs using lvl 5-6 kits and im using a lvl 4 kit lol.

    People dont like late wipe because they arent as good of players and require other PMCs to have low end gear to kill them. Maybe get good. My only gripe with wipes, is id rather not have my character reset back to lvl 1, the gear I dont care about, but I HATE grinding my character again and i HATE how important tasks/quests are for being able to access certain gear. I play tarkov for the random encounters and looter/shooter gunfights, I really only do tasks/quests when other ppl make me do them lol. My class type is Neutralizer for a reason.

  14. Bro, people fucking crying about “I don’t have time for this”, when it’s been made clear this isn’t a casuals game. This is for people who want to sink time into a hardcore military survival shooter. Hearing y’all cry about “I only have 1 hour a week to play”, well then Timmy, you might wanna invest that hour somewhere else. Crying about it “not being fair” is literally laughable. You can easily make it to level 42 with a few hours a week spent playing, that’s all traders unlocked, all gear available. Every game isn’t meant for casuals, if that’s your play style, then maybe move on to something else and let the people that want this level of difficulty, have their own game. Till then, I hope to see you in game so I can rat you for you crappy Timmy gear 😂

  15. 6:15 I think this points to just removing the flea. Or make some kind of weird bartering system or something. People leave once everyone can chad it up. Just eliminate the 100% chad. Make it every once in a while once you've frankensteined the right kit; instead of having chad gear every drop in.

  16. the problem sadly is that BSG are totally not interested in any of it…. i'm telling you know they need to buy the "single player tarkov mod" implement it, add the Arena – Add the wipe / no wipe diff characters and add the option to play the whole game as a scav, What we are going through now is Far far far different to the real tarkov experience of 2 years ago, Its all basically now to combat RMT & cheaters and its ruining the game and killing wipes far quicker than EVER BEFORE.

  17. fun doesnt fade away from pvp you gotta be fucking kidding me!!!!!!!!! 14 wipes in! lmao

  18. this dude slow walks/shoreline for the last 4 years and talks pvp lmao!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. As a casual gamer, i may spend many hours gaming but i will only spend like 10 hours per game every fortnight, the prestige system is something i am NOT interested in. However, when i think back to my hardcore cod4 days where i was able to prestige nearly every 2 days, i understand your thoughts on it. However, when i got into codmod2 i REFUSED that prestige button.

    Tarkov currently loses the hardcore survival aspect VERY quickly and becomes another boring arcadey shooter. Im hoping BSG does have a plan on overhauling the core before it goes to 1.0, but i think they are very tired of how toxic the community has been last couple years and are just doing. On top of the covid and political stuff, its been rough for them. Nikita is passionate, i trust him to know what he wants to do, i just dont think the people he has knows how to implement it.

  20. Remove the soft stats completely. I don't have time to play this game enough to level my skills along with all the sweatlord speedrunners. I cannot tell you how frustrating it is to get ran over by a gigachad teleporting behind trees with no recoil who can also hear my every move meters before me. This is a PVP game. If all aspects are equal between two players the only deciding factor in a 1v1 situation should be player skill. Full stop.

  21. what prestige man…this is not that easy like in Hunt Showdown! i never got level 70 or kappa container! i think is too much grind…who will there?? only 1 %???

  22. tarkov will and will always be the best shit game ive ever played. shame it has BSG behind it. they are lazy and imcopetent developers. and the game would be 10x better under pretty much any one else. it is what it is.

  23. heres a suggestion, how about an event??? i NEVER have seen enough cultists to do that cultist knife quest, how about a cultist event. or shit any event, i cant do long line if the mall is EMPTY

  24. This is a definition of being a content creator and I think a lot of these are missing out on….anyone can plug and play the game be live or whatever but being so detailed about everything paying attention to what's happening what's working and what's not that's what it means and take to become a good content creator.

    Deadly is by far the best in this then wackyjacky

  25. I really like you're analysis in this phase of the game. i feel the same about lightkeeper missions, and i look forward to playing tarkov with storyline in this way. I love the way you share you're perspective on the challenges this game has, with honest opinion and feedback. Thank you Deadlyslob, i appreciate you're videos <3

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