Most Accurate Daytrading Method 🤯

laatste update: 02-2023

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  2. ointment. good techniques, nothing to say, but enough what sense does it make to create A Strategy every 2 days instead of focusing on 1 maybe after 3 or 6 months but well studied and TESTED, obviously with your indicators. In this way as you do now I only create Confusion

  3. No successfull trader has ever made money using indicators …read that again

  4. I made 10 billion dollars today using this strategy! Thanks dude! Next stop the yacht dealership.

  5. The clip is so I can not know;
    A) The indicators & their settings !!!
    B) How to a get its link to use !!!

  6. but then u do this, and then this, and then go to the bathroom, after that you can do this, but wait, you have to make a sandwich first

  7. Lux Algo SR & Patterns Premium is not there in indicators list

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