MASSIVE BITCOIN Bottom Signal! in 2023

laatste update: 06-2023

There is more evidence that we may just nail the time frame for the bottom of this Bitcoin and Crypto market dead on! The retail trading behavior right now suggests that the bottom is very close.
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30 gedachten over “MASSIVE BITCOIN Bottom Signal! in 2023”

  1. The rule of crypto is, when everyone is shorting, we have reached the bottom and the dragon who eat all shorts awakes for another carnage. 😂❤

  2. everyone is calling for another 20% dip. I'm going all in on ICP

  3. BTC is not at the bottom! Until USDT is audited for it's proven solvency . . . BTC is at an extremely high risk for a massive "temporary' crash! 😨

  4. 75% of the humans are idiots . Buy high sell low is the motto 🤣🤣

  5. The thing is, a good chunk of bitcoin miners are really close to break even with the low price right now. Maybe they are even under break even at this point.

    Once they capitulate, that's when the certainty about the bottom comes.

    In the macro, economy isn't doing great, but I think we haven't seen the worst yet.

    Good time to accumulate lil bit, not a good time to go head first, all in.

  6. A broken clock may not be right even once because it stopped completely

  7. No shit. While you are all fearful about Ftx. I'm buying everything i can. How does the saying go, buy when theirs blood in the streets even if the blood is your own.

  8. That's assuming that we are actually near the bottom rn

  9. Maybe short term bottom, but the US isn’t even “officially” even in a recession yet. Long way to go, as the world economic collapse has just started. I’ll believe guys like Michael Burry, Chamalph, and Ray Dalit 10x more than you bro, as you were only good at making calls in the bull run, and everyone’s a genius then.

  10. I am all about not buying the top, but shorting the bear market is fine

  11. 2 types of people are F-ing up Crypto…Greedy people who lie & Dump people …the 2nd one is easy to fix…Dumb peeps can learn and get smart…unfortunately the greedy liars not as easy to fix

  12. Still 90% drop coming, followed by 300% correction then we will go down 143.88% then the bull market begins

  13. Your wrong, your never right about calling the bottom. Just stop

  14. That shirt 👕 mixed with the crap that comes from his mouth 👄

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