Market Surprises and NFT Action

laatste update: 03-2023

Today’s talking points:

– Rallies broke out all over the place this week: DYDX, the token for the dYdX derivatives exchanges, soared on news it was delaying unlocking more tokens until December. Likewise Optimism’s OP token hit all-time highs even as activity on the network lagged.
– Aave has also been in a tear as it gears up to release its stablecoin, GHO.
– The overall market also TK (Note: let’s see what happens today after GDP data is released.
– On the NFT front, Pudgy Penguins and Doodles sought out L1 alternatives to Ethereum out of wariness gas prices may rise again; this is an ongoing issue for the No. 1 NFT network.
– Soulbound tokens, long favored by Vitalik Buterin, also got a boost when Pudgy Penguins embraced them as a new offering.

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    I won't listen to 40 minutes of audio altering between 4 different laptops in different setups and settings.

  2. Now that there have been big corrections in the crypto market, NFT has been growing in all aspects, I strongly believe that the digital crypto asset NFTs will take over the market in no time

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