MAJOR NFT DRAMA & Top NFT News You Missed | Ether NFT, Cyberkongz Genkai, Pudgy Penguins NFT UPDATE in 2023

laatste update: 10-2023

Ether NFT Co-Founder LEAVES Project, Cyberkongz Genkai MINT OUT, Animoca Brands & Pudgy Penguins NFT.

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00:00 MAJOR NFT DRAMA & Top NFT News You Missed | Ether, Cyberkongz Genkai, 10KTF Gucci, Pudgy Penguins
00:09 NFT Market & Ethereum
00:34 Cyberkongz Genkai NFT Mint RESULT
02:03 Ether NFT Co-Founder Leaves Project
03:15 Animoca Brands Teams up with hi – $30M Investment
04:09 Pudgy Penguins NFT

In this video, we’ll look at the top NFT projects and NFT news this week. First, we’ll cover the recent NFT project mint from one of the OG NFT project Cyberkongz – Cyberkongz Genkai NFT. Then, we’ll look at Ether NFT news and how their NFT price on Opensea is affected. Next, we’ll cover Animoca Brands NEW collab with hi and Pudgy Penguins NFT Merch Sales.

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13 gedachten over “MAJOR NFT DRAMA & Top NFT News You Missed | Ether NFT, Cyberkongz Genkai, Pudgy Penguins NFT UPDATE in 2023”

  1. I'm very curious is there still a point to launch pfp nft projects or should people in the space migrate somewhere else 🤔

  2. You need to speak about RENGA and how they just did a very successful RENGA x Haas Racing F1 drop on Open sea
    Minted out and still above mint price
    RENGA slowly but surely showing why they are the Best of all the anime NFTs
    Right partnerships and No Hype

  3. Great video! But just FYI the Pokémon games (red and blue) actually came before the anime not the other way around. The anime was made bc the games were so popular.

  4. YogaPetz mint is set for August 31. Will you have a video update on this mint?

  5. Would be cool to cover yogapetz since they've confirmed their mint date!

  6. Bro covered ether but not garbage friends by Invisible friends wow!

  7. pay attention to the MetaTrace. GameFi on a Real-world map

  8. Comparing Azuki elementals and CyberKongz Genkai is actually wild lol.

    Mint price and ability to mint were vastly different. 12k out of 20k was minted by public/wl (mostly non-holders) for essentially .125e (free airdrop). Azuki cash grabbed only their holders for 2e each lol.

  9. Are you going to cover in the future "The Plague" and their new project, that is making waves, "Making Coffee"?

  10. FIRST – anyone who bought into this ish is a moron.

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