Lose Belly Fat With Breathing Exercises: Amazing Science! Doctor Explains

laatste update: 03-2023

REVOLUTIONARY SCIENCE on how to lose belly fat naturally and permanently – doctor explains. Dr Ekberg talks about the two root causes of belly fat and explains in detail how the science of breathing exercises can solve one of them. People looking for quick fixes are doomed to yo-yo results, whereas you can get permanent results by learning the how the body really works and doing it right.

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30 gedachten over “Lose Belly Fat With Breathing Exercises: Amazing Science! Doctor Explains”

  1. James Nesters book, Breath, is great. And two techniques I have learned that work for me are,
    1. Deep gentle breath in, then repeatedly count to ten. As you count you breath out, but it’s slowly. And you continue to a whisper.
    2. Box method used by special forces. In for 4, hold for 4, out for 4, hold for 4. Repeat.

  2. Years ago there was a woman promoting this same thing to help with weight loss and I bought the TAPE and used to do it while I was driving..lost the tape and cannot remember the name of woman or her program and it did work

  3. Hi dr Ekberg I have lost 37kg in 7 month
    Thanks to you and your knowledge and keep watching you all the time and am manage to keep my body healthy my last suger level is 3.7 and I only eat one a day keep my insulin good level and my last blood pressure was 130/78 ❤is 87
    Thanks dr Ekberg God bless

  4. Watching this is almost like going to church. My spirit is filled !

  5. first of all, many thanks Dr. Sten. i always watching your videos. Very inspirational as always.
    However, is there anyone could explain to me, why i felt little bit hot around my ears and forehead once i tried the breath? or maybe i just did something wrong?

  6. Sten explains what goes on in the body in such a tremendous way. I’ve learned so much from these videos.

  7. I very much appreciate your educational videos Dr. Ekberg and I have learned so much! I am also enjoying your subtle humor 🙂

  8. Dr. Ekberg, I started road cycling one year in. I did my first 50 miles. The problem is I bonk about 30 miles in, time and time again, I appreciate any suggestions, thank you.


  10. If you hav heard about the chanting of OM then u will know it does make sence. Thanx Doc.

  11. Many people tell us to breath out longer than we breath in but they never say WHY. Oh this is such a gem, Dr. Ekberg. 🤗

  12. This may help me to finally quit smoking. Its interrupting my parasympathetic training in which my body/brain is starving for.

  13. Your videos are so good. I have been working on trying to slow down breathing because I now have high blood pressure and had just learned breathing could be contributing. I am a shallow breather and have decreased intake with a deviated septum, but understanding what is happening with all these body processes is so fascinating and helpful. Thank you so much Dr. Ekberg!!

  14. I am a musician, specifically a Brass player. What I find interesting is the agreement between your lessons, yogic breathing and some of the exercises in the "Breathing gym" by Sam Pilafian et al. They have different purposes but the same effects… playing a brass instrument is about a relaxed control of the breath… you teach the same thing in this video.

  15. Hi, Dr Ekberg!

    I am a doctor of education from Finland, now retired, and principal of a university and a college. Also working years as a management trainer and organizational development collaborator.

    Now I must tell you that your presentation is the most profound (ANS, neuroplasticity, monitoring breathing). Thank you very much!

    I am now starting a new life with my wonderful woman!

  16. Wow I have been watching your videos for a long time. This is the best

  17. Great video again! Just a question. I'm having a lot of difficulty breathing. I am astmatic, have allergy and have only one nasal through which I can breath because of structural deformation of my nose. I have chronic stress and ptss. Could it be that it's the stress that causes my breathing problems. Could it be that my astma and allergy go bad because of stress? Because I don't recognize stress anymore. It has become a habit. A feeling I am used to.

  18. I do this. Where as it feels very good from and oxygen stand point it doesn't flatten anything. Have a whole book, actually 2 books by different authors, and there is only minimal weight loss, not much fat burning. That being said. I will keep doing breath exercises because breathing is awesome.

  19. Another fantastic video from Dr Ekberg. Thank you for all your work to keep us healthy.

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