Lol Esports Top 25 Power Rankings (8/11/22)

laatste update: 06-2023

In this video I go over my top 25 in League of Legends esports at the moment. Ranking them 25th to 1st. The complete power rankings will be on the Discord.
00:00 – Intro/Methodology
02:15 – Power Rankings
28:58 – Outro

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  1. Vitality Deserves Better 🙁 . Their loss vs Astralis was entirely on Perkz Picking Akali and being omega Useless.

  2. Im big esports fan and really enjoy your vids, keep it up man!

  3. I am very surprised CLG are not on the list. They're 5-1 in the last 3 weeks with their only loss being to EG 3 weeks ago (when you had EG 12th). It's not just a case of them stomping through lower ranked teams – their streak is full of wins over TL who is currently tied in the LCS standings with them, as well C9 and FLY who were both on your previous power rankings.

  4. I hope Chief's don't fall in playoffs like most minor region teams. Most winners come from the lower bracket in those regions

  5. What’s your opinion on EG most recent loss to TL where they lose the game early bc they forced an early skirmish? Just a one off instance of forcing an early skirmish? Do you think TL’s ceiling will be reach before start of playoffs?

  6. Who do you think will make worlds from LPL? I'm a diehard weibo fan since 2020 and it's looking like JDG TES RNG V5 but I'm still hoping that they will upset

  7. Man, what happened to T1? I'm not even surprised if GenG wins the LCK summer at this point (Happy as a Chovy fanboy tho)

  8. I think the top 10 are easier to classify than #15 to #25. I mean the minor regions, except for maybe PSG never deliver at Worlds..

    Besides that, I think you rate JDG 3/4 places too high. T1 on the other hand indeed Looks shaky.

    Interesting list!

  9. I really want to watch a telecom war in the semifinals it would be crazy!!! Good video like always!!

  10. Wow, DRX not even in a top 25? Interesting. I also think LS deserved a better bump, maybe better than EDG and WBG (no wonder WBG lost 2-0 to LNG today). Great vid anyways, cheers!

  11. I just finished it tonight! GREAT VIDEO BROTHER I SWEAR I'M YOUR FAN

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