LIVE TRADING CRYPTO – How to use Leverage for 100x

laatste update: 09-2023

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30 gedachten over “LIVE TRADING CRYPTO – How to use Leverage for 100x”

  1. idk what everybody else talking about but this video helps me manage my risk a lot better

  2. Theres so many things wrong with this. Cross lever vs isolated margin, funding fees a function of time in trade, liquidation fees,
    Trading crypto, an extremely jagged market, with high lever was the best thing ever for exchanges and the worst thing for traders.
    I know you're trying to do something good here but be modest.

  3. Literally nobody understood the video lol. Bunch of retards. “Oh boo boo he uses 100x leverage boo boo that’s bad”. He set up un amount he wants to lose max. Leverage just makes your trade cheaper. A Lot of noobs and losers in the comments and it shows. Great video!

  4. $35,000÷100=$350 (100xlev)
    Leverage does not matter at all
    Higher leverage will just give you high fees and shorter liquidation.

  5. Buy using leverage u are just dividing your position money for margin money
    U have a $100 to trade and u use 100x leverage u will only have $1 in margin
    So it's like multiplyer of Roe
    But divider in position
    U positioned $100 with a 100x u will have a margin of $1, so if the doge or whatever coin u trade in moves 1% u will have 100% Roe(percent) and earn $1
    But if the market is up buy 100% u earn $100 and a Roe of 10,000%

  6. S/L is for noobs. Use price action zones and wait until price is inbetween HH and LL depending on the Time you are using just pick a side go for 1% and just let the market fill you up. Thank me in a year 🙂

  7. Its death . match y are u misleading.this video should be deleated from you tube

  8. I will bet everything I have in crypto on the fact that 98% of you who try to use 100X leverage will lose money. Let me know we can set up the bet.

  9. He is a scammer, be careful! Makes videos like MIMIR for people to lose their money whilst he bags in a good profit

  10. I don't understand why people are misunderstanding his trading. In the end if he makes a loss he only losses $385. His risking that only not his whole account.

  11. Hello, do you have a business email or ig that I can shoot you a dm. This is all about creating your YT short video.

  12. Found out that stop limits don't always work on the downtrend, so not always so safe just to leave it

  13. Bro teaching people to use 100x leverage in the most volatile market in the world is just crazy and irresponsible.

  14. What exchange can you use in the us the offers leverage and shorting

  15. 100x leverage!! 😂😂😂great strategy I wish they give 10000 x leverage 😂😂

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