LIVE Stream Of Cardano Trading Kicking Off On Coinbase Pro in 2023

laatste update: 02-2023

Live stream today to watch as ADA trading starts on Coinbase pro. It is due to start around 4pm UTC or 9 PT so we will go live and watch to see how it all plays out. I am expecting a lot of volatility throughout the day today so if your trading be careful not to overleverage yourself

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Disclaimer: Everything in this video is my own opinion and is not financial advise as I am not a financial advisor. I am just a random guy on the internet with a big passion for crypto and Cardano

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  1. Well y’all could maybe see harmony one underrated and let cardano breath a little it is up 5000% harmony one is only .09 cents and Charles himself endorsed there team!

  2. Why is nobody talking about STMX ! It’s going up up uppppp on voyager

  3. I wouldn’t be surprised if Charles Team helping Harmony Team

  4. Is it true $DMYI IonQ quantum’s computer will be able to crack Bitcoin Crypto Addresses ? CEO mentioned they are already working on it. Thanks! Asking for a friend who lost his key.

  5. Crypto newbie here. Thank you Paul for your great videos. Bought my first Ada coins this morning via Coinbase Pro as due to my location was not able to do so before. I’m sure there are many like me. Now I would like to stake my coins so wondering which of your videos would help me as a staking newbie.

  6. Why the massive pump to 1.80 on Coinbase pro? But not on another exchange?any idea.. I have a picture I can show to prove it!

  7. it was already fixed, i knew this was coming, sell off during the coinbase launch, but it will go back up to 1.80 ,maybe tomorrow, so just hold on.

  8. this is what happens when a coin gets pumped up just because it is being listed on an exchange. especially what is already the third highest valued crypto in the world, being listed on an exchange is not a big deal. this isnt a micro cap that got announced. we've known about this listing for a year and just waiting for it to happen. if a coin pumps it should be for a real reason not hype and fomo. ada has no innovation to make it pump, its just a hype coin

  9. Coinbase did not provided liqwidity thats why price on ADA crashed !!!!!

  10. ADA is shit
    is the only coin that goes down on the new listing….is a total shitcoin

  11. All the daytraders and pussys are selling right now. No wonder this shit goes down nearly 20 cents.

  12. Probably coinbase peeps bought in over the last few months and then dumped

  13. Why would Cardano not hit $1000, $2000 and more long term. Ethereum been around for 6 years and hitting $2k…Cardano's proposition is far greater and so is the user experience…also Ethereum has unlimited quantity until EIP1559, Cardano limited quantity and less than 30% in circulation…rest staking.
    Once Cardano is the base financial system for Africa and other countries it should dwarf Ethereum's price

  14. Why was everyone so PUMPED about Coinbase Pro if you were just going to dump it on Coinbase Pro? Did we need permission from Coinbase to dump today!?

  15. Congrats on the viewing figures paul, great channel! Do you know if it’s possible to send my Ada from kraken to Coinbase pro app or to the Coinbase wallet? And if I did could I stake it from the Coinbase wallet? Thanks!

  16. SHEEP 🐑 MINORITY INVESTORS lost all their money thinking it was going to $2!! Stimulus cheques burnt up now. Back to 1.20 Dump coin.

  17. Would've been a good half hour for an arbitrage strategy.

  18. Maybe less about how many likes and followers and people in the live chat..??

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