[LIVE] Day 8 [4263.26] – Cardano $1, Amazon, Mastercard, Today’s Profits – $2K to $1M

laatste update: 06-2023

Today we discuss Cardano to 1 dollar, amazon new cryptocurrency in Mexico, mastercard to accept crytocurrency in 2021, and profits from yesterday!

Welcome to Begin Crypto! I am on the journey to turn $2K into $1M in One year or less trading cryptocurrencies on Crypto.com, Coinbase, & Binance US.


I started out on Janurary 28th putting $500 into Cardano (ADA) & $500 into Elrond (EGLD) into my Crypto.com account and I am planning to trade these all the way to $1M or as close as I can get in 1 year.


I plan to turn a lot of my profits into Bitcoin & Ethereum as well when taking profits toward the end as I believe in the cryptocurrency system as a whole.

I will be using a lot of tools in the Crypto space such as TokenMetrics, MarketCipher, Crypto.com, Coinbase, Binance, & Bybit.

Join Me With These Tools:

Token Metrics:

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  1. Hi Fella I appreciate your reply but I really need an answer to this question.. can you put it out there as we all need an answer to the Big question.. Rothchilds own all the banks worldwide ok? And every Country is in debt with them..
    So there plan with this Plannedemic is to crash all the currencys in the world to bring in there Digital currency.. to stop drug dealers and anyone doing cash deals that they don't get a slice of, and at the same time controlling everyone completely… and you know that all cryptos value is set against currency so if the currencys crash which it will.. does crypto become worthless??? I'm not clever enough to work it out.. but certainly believe they world be happy with that. Because they are doing it because they are scared of losing power and control of the world, that's why they want us all controlled.. if you know anyone who is working in the stock exchange for many years and knows whats really going on in the banking industry let everyone know…
    this is going to affect us all big time!
    Love your channel.. but this is something we need to find out..
    Obviously if I had made 100s of thousands I would be pulling out and buying property or land.. but my investment is tiny so far…

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