‘Let Me Finish!’: Sparks Fly Between Bernie Sanders And Mitt Romney At Senate Hearing in 2023

laatste update: 06-2023

At today’s Senate Health Committee hearing, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) and Sen. Mitt Romney (R-UT) sparred over pending legislation.

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30 gedachten over “‘Let Me Finish!’: Sparks Fly Between Bernie Sanders And Mitt Romney At Senate Hearing in 2023”

  1. Dog n pony show, gimme a break. Romney is one of the same as bernie. What ever the dem party is.

  2. Before I actually watched the video I read some comments and saw that there were no sparks and the title is misleading. So I didn’t watch the video. I just issued a dislike 👎 , left this comment and moving on now..

  3. Nothing happens when your lobbyists come to a fake meeting.

  4. Bernie Sanders is showing his real colors and beliefs that he is a real hard core Marxist. He wants to usher in socialism and put the government in charge of everything, He is another pig that hates the US Constitution and the Rights Freedom Americans have to choose what to buy, how to live and how to raise their children without government intervention right down to how much toilet paper to use after they take a dump. He is helping Demoncrat party to push for a civil war hoping to install a new one party government ruled by the wealthy elite living off the backs of the working class. Sanders would be right at home in Russia as one of Putin's cabinet members.

  5. Sanders a guy with evidently a giant chip on his shoulder and a major hypocrite.
    Politics must be the only field he could hold a job in … otherwise without the smarts required to successfully operate a lemonade stand.

  6. Bernie is for the people. Mitt is for big pharma and big corporations.

  7. It is the corruption of the pharmaceutical companies who bought out the politicians a long time ago that is the issue. What a stupid headline for this video, sparks? Really?

  8. Bernie forgets that he's no the grand pooba of his committee but he sure tried.

  9. A Communist and a back- stabbing Judas arguing without a drool bucket.

  10. Bernie Sanders wants to go after those who everyone knows hurt the American people–like Big Pharma, and then he has to put up with people like Mitt Romney who want to give Big Pharma more and more excuses to keep doing what they're doing. We need around 500 more Bernies in Congress!

  11. Just listen to this socialist sanders. He doesn't even know what democracy if it bit him on his saggy butt

  12. We cant do that, i already promised my donors we would vote on this bill that favors the pharmaceutical companies.

  13. A quote from Bernie Sanders…"Nobody who works forty hours a week should live in poverty." Then stop giving their money to people that work zero hours a week.

  14. Any politician that has over 5 million in their accounts must be arrested for theft of a nation and hanged. Servants make $2.66 an hour.

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