Leonardo da Vinci’s ‘Salvator Mundi’ | 2017 World Auction Record | Christie’s

laatste update: 02-2023

The breathtaking $450 million (including buyer’s premium) sale of Salvator Mundi generates headlines across the world, garlanding a superb week of sales in which nine works realise more than $10 million, a further eight surpass $20 million, and three works fetch over $50 million.

An historic season at Christie’s in New York finished on Thursday, with the final total across seven sales hitting $1,421,993,000 / £1,082,817,271. The highlight was the extraordinary 19-minute bidding battle for Leonardo da Vinci’s Salvator Mundi in Wednesday’s Post-War and Contemporary Art Evening Sale, culminating in the work being sold for a world-auction record price of $450,312,500 (including buyer’s premium).

The depth and quality of art offered across the week was remarkable, with nine works realising more than $10 million, a further eight being acquired for in excess of $20 million, and three achieving more than $50 million.

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  1. Only Loe knows that she wasn’t wearing anything from the waste down though hahaha

  2. God.. How rich do they have to be to bet in 10 million increments

  3. Absolutely disgusting! That money could be used for far greater projects.

  4. I feel like these paintings are priceless and should all be in museums

  5. It looks like both of us," jesus was curt golp"

  6. That's a lot of money some say.
    I dunno, buy a painting of the Savior of the World for Four Hundred Million US Dollars or take that money and do what He said to do with it FEED HIS SHEEP
    (and there are PLENTY of starving ones)
    Hey, six of one….

  7. Can you imagine having that much money to pay for a painting????? I could live the rest of my life with less the 1 percent of that maybe even less than 1 percent

  8. Bidding in the hundreds of millions for a painting, using phones with cords still from the 80s

  9. Je crois que je suis tombé sur le meilleur site pour présenter une de mes nombreuses œuvres rares, inconnues et, inédite d'un des nombreux grand maître peintre de ma collection comme (Henri Matisse, Rubens, Klimt et plusieurs autres) Intéresser me contacter pour bien se familiariser par vos pratique Long life Soterby's

  10. That painting cost more than may family tree earned since austrolopithecus

  11. Ill get the same paint in a printing press for 20 dolars and hang it in my room.
    I will look the same.

  12. Prince of Saudi (MBS) is the owner of that 400M bid. The painting sits on his mega yacht

  13. Incredible, these guys on the other end of the phone live in a different world, imagine bidding 350,000,000,000 on a painting my god..

  14. I guarantee most people don’t know who bought this, you would be surprised.

  15. For the people that don’t know, Salvator Mundi is in Saudi Arabia and the country is constructing an art gallery, which is to be finished in 2024. And was bought by Mohammed Bin Salman Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia

  16. 3200 Crores…ha ha shift from one bank account to another and avoid taxes 🤫

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