LEGO Technic March 2022 sets first detailed look from the official catalogue! in 2023

laatste update: 03-2023

LEGO did not publish yet the 2022 catalogue online, but I managed to grab a physical copy so here are the 4 LEGO Technic sets coming in March 2022:

42136 – John Deere 9620R 4WD Tractor
42133 – Telehandler
42139 – All-Terrain Vehicle
42140 – App-controlled Transformation Car

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  1. Did you get that official catalogue from Hungary? I'm Hungarian and when i saw that, i was pretty amazed

  2. wait why is Mercedes Benz have a text box above the tracked vehicle?

  3. Wow….. that is a bad start into the new Technic year….. getting worse each year….. the JD 9620 doesn't even remotely look like the real deal neither in design or color…. and the rest is just a joke…. the competition won't have a hard time trumping this crap…..

  4. Legos John Deere tractor is so much more repairable than the real thing!

  5. It would be great if the LEGO Hubs would not contain room for batteries but would have an kind of powerbank that can be charged via USB. Nice idea for 2022?

  6. Another nice idea for LEGO: Creator model of the James Webb Telescope incl. the rocket and flap-out mechanism.

  7. To me it looks like the 6 wheeler's gear shifter is just directly hooked to the engine; 16:16 on one side, 20:12 on the other of the pistons. Probably my top pick, so much MOC potential with 6 wheels + 6 springs. Fingers crossed it comes with 4 wheel drive and that's why it has the pendular suspensions.

  8. It is very unfortunate that Lego uses the tractor tores in two new sets, but not on the new monster jam trucks…

  9. Saw Bobba fett quick look prior, to video starting looked like everyone just walked out of wardrobe. Snooze fest confirmed

  10. i still have me lego 8860 (and all the parts) plus some other sets

  11. A bunch of interesting sets on the way! I think I'm in agreement with a bunch of others here, the six-wheeler seems the most interesting in terms of parts, especially if it does have 6 shocks.
    I do wonder though with the John Deere, will you need to take it to an authorized repair technician if you want to make any modifications to the model? 😛

  12. I really liked the control+ set so I am probably going to pick that up next month

  13. Yoooo i just read the catalogue and didn’t expect it have 120 pages

  14. Yoooo i just read the catalogue and fascinating with all the new Lego sets,including this

  15. hei racingbrick did you saw on that ATV 42139 have gearbox lever there where is part 24119 and tractors roof have part 64179 is new to in green

  16. Is this year a good year to review the Liebherr r 9800??

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