Laserface by Gareth Emery | Seattle WaMu 2019 (Full Set LIVE)

laatste update: 02-2023

Amazing to see everyone still enjoying this one! My new album ANALOG is out now, stream it here:

What an incredible night Laserface Seattle was. Happy to have recorded it for all of us to watch in 4K

Be sure to check out for future shows, tickets, merch, and laserface wallpapers for your phone 🙂

Laserface Seattle
Music by Gareth Emery, Lasers by Anthony Garcia

30 gedachten over “Laserface by Gareth Emery | Seattle WaMu 2019 (Full Set LIVE)”

  1. wow I just listened to psytance when drunk. But this is great
    I'm too fckd to type

  2. lots of lasers and stuff, very little actual talent and creativity. Boring after 2 minutes or so

  3. Ameeeei 💙💛💚🇧🇷 melhor DJ que já ouvir.🎧🎶

  4. It’s really a shame that they don’t do anything with lasers on the granddaddy of laser light shows it’s too bad the government has screwed up for us there’s a lot more artistic stuff that can be done

  5. Great, only Great … Musik and Light …. sry … Lasers 😉

  6. Glad to see The EDM Laser Production Teams getting more recognition

  7. Incroyable cette chance d avoir pu être présent sur cet évent omg ❤

  8. Time to use this as a background for story today 🎉

  9. Probably gonna sound stupid, but would you share a raw file of this set?

    YT compression is not what you have captured then, I just wish to relive it.

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