Kanye West Makes Anti-Semitic Comments & Draymond Green Takes a Break from the NBA | The Daily Show

laatste update: 01-2023

Kanye West is blocked from Twitter after anti-Semitic tweets, L.A. city council members are caught on tape making racist comments in a meeting, and Sen. Tommy Tuberville makes racist remarks at a Trump rally. Also, NBA star Draymond Green takes time off after punching a teammate, Metaverse avatars will now have legs, and New Zealand proposes taxing cow burps. #DailyShow #Comedy

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30 gedachten over “Kanye West Makes Anti-Semitic Comments & Draymond Green Takes a Break from the NBA | The Daily Show”

  1. I’m pretty sure the Latino woman was just being Latino. Calling a misbehaved kid a monkey and should be beaten is the most non-white thing ever and pretty culturally normal across the rest of the world.

  2. Yeah I stopped watching this when you started joining in the "crazy Ye" narrative.

  3. Effing Funny! Loved the space commentary and Musk to Mars like, “Earth to the rich guy, we need a contextual resolution to the random racist!” At least Trevor made it rain mana before shipping off.

  4. But Democrats do want black people to do crime because that's basically reparations – you literally had it right

  5. Dear Trevor fans, how does it feel to be some of the most low iq NPCs to walk the earth??


  7. Trevor is an immigrant that does nothing but hate this country and say worse things about white people. Must be tough to be known as a diversity hire and not a comedian.

  8. Your a puppet and don’t see or choose not to see the truth you can’t say Trevor You fight for equal rights when you’re discrediting this man knowing he is being blackballed and perhaps In danger of losing his life due to speaking facts Why dont you Point out what is really exposing?

  9. I Unsubsecrabe Traver Noah you tube always backing the israel 🇮🇱 why ther pm had Twitter criminals has Twitter

  10. funny cause she prpbably thinks as whites as a hire standered… but if shed studided white ppl. She would know most let their kids express themselves and if they playing in public and they are not to wild to them. White parents are going to let them play around.

  11. I can't believe how you picked out Kanye about his rweets being unexceptable, also how he wrote his tweets, and let's not forget the content. With the topic of antisemitic in his tweets Jewish ppl are offended, but your OK about this show highlighting what Kanye did in a manor that I felt was from a comedian doing his 10 min slot on stage, you can't have your cake and eat it either it was so offencive Kanye got banned from twitter bc if that's the case be equally offended by these two, I'm shocked one person got battered by media these two got laughs……

  12. The corn. Look at you! Building your own destruction within your own eternal sea of glass, now it’s fame and tomorrow It’s personal mayhem within the mind of your spirit, surrounded by loss and personal grief and Ignited by antimatter and dark matter and dark energy that you created for yourself in you’re eternal realm and asking yourself where am I.

  13. Rich comeing from the antisemite in chief. Also not funny at all.

  14. Kanye can't be anti-semite, because that would make him racist, which he cannot be, as he is Black (racism is oppression + power, and a plethora of filthy rich black guys can tell you, that no amount of money will make a black person powerful). I rest my case.

  15. "No matter what color we are, racism is at least one thing we all have in common". True dat!

  16. Why is stating that the people who own the media companies have an agenda is anti-Semitic? The agenda is to make their companies richer at all cost especially at the expense of who aren't compliant with our agenda.

  17. Americans can easily see who is destroying this country and are quietly doing what is right.

  18. I’ll be honest Trevor may not be the funniest but I agree with his views against hatred which it’s why I like him


  20. If he said the same things about islam and christianity. Everyone would have supported it.

  21. Wow, as a mom of black kids, that counsel woman’s statement was oddly validating. She was basically acknowledging that there is a double standard for kids’ behavior and for parenting. That was the premise of her complaint about her colleague and his child. Ironically, she is in a position of power and influence that would allow her to fight to preserve the childhoods and hearts of black kids. Use her platform to speak truth into the cultural norms that perpetuate intrinsic bias. Call people to own and heal from the intrinsic bias that is shaping the toxic parts of our culture. Be the change. Lead vulnerably. I still hope that happens for her.

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