Kajol Devgan Crying & gave Shocking statement of Ajay after her separation with Ajay Devgan

laatste update: 12-2023

Kajol Devgan Crying & gave Shocking statement of Ajay after her seperation with Ajay Devgan
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20 gedachten over “Kajol Devgan Crying & gave Shocking statement of Ajay after her separation with Ajay Devgan”

  1. This is the plot of the American series…The Good Wife..and she's doing the Indian version.

  2. I'm sure thi is a pomotion strategy of her upcoming web series "Trial"

  3. Should never divorced stay blessed togather forever ❤️❤ v beautiful power couple #Ajydevgan and #Kajol ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  4. How much will she ask as alimony from ajay??kajal comes from a very poor family…her mother can't afford kajal…how will she sustain her luxurious life without ajay's alimony??

  5. Tabu is ajay's equal…most suited to ajay's personality…. that's the way to love…equality in love is true love no matter how late in life it comes doesn't matter

  6. Kajol can be a disloyal partner. I frequently noticed her flirting with Shahrukh .That might be a source of trouble for Ajay Devgan.

  7. Ajay should be resectful to his chidrens feelings if thats not done then whatelse

  8. Kajol and Ajay should not have got married…. they are karmic couple….
    Tabu is Ajay's perfect match…… May divine show Ajay kajol and tabu right path

  9. All that matters is respect and love which is missing in ajay devan life with kajol he is leftover with no home made meal love and respect from his wife so when u get a dominated wife who is always happy with sharuk Khan and others Co star

  10. No she was too good for him he is the ugliest actor in bollywood

  11. Don’t believe on such news it’s all fake news . Not possiable

  12. 😢 it should never have happened.. broken family broken xhildren 😢😢😭

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