10 gedachten over “Just look at it… #shorts #crypto #server”

  1. It's cool you got a server, but bro, dell? you can do better "cough supermicro". lol

  2. Servers are very well designed for airflow and rapid part swapping.

    I have an old floor standing Dell server thats got fans like that.

    Pretty neat, but I never put it to use because it pulls like 300w just sitting around (dual xeons from 2008). I set it up with 8 drives and was going to make a NAS until I felt how hot it made the room and then checked it's power consumption!

  3. I work on servers like this on a daily basis… always neck deep them

  4. great stuff honestly It's lit 🔥🔥

  5. Dam he filled it with ram lol I have a 720 but I need to grab some more ram for it.

    Kinda waiting to see what the reward is going to be for the thunder project to dig into the server

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