JUST IN: Trump Tells Citizens To ‘Drop Down And Pray’ Over Nuclear Fears

laatste update: 09-2023

In videos released to social media, former President Trump warned of nuclear war, and slammed President Biden’s actions on NATO and foreign policy.

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30 gedachten over “JUST IN: Trump Tells Citizens To ‘Drop Down And Pray’ Over Nuclear Fears”

  1. Sorry, joe can’t string those simple words together. But on behalf of the US people: THANK YOU PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP
    ❣️. THANK YOU ❣️

  2. This is what I wonder – perhaps they started training their nukes on all the Pacific islands where the people live who are calling for nuclear war. And that made them pull back for a bit. But then they started cutting deals – ok we won’t hit you if you don’t hit us, but here are the places we CAN hit.

  3. Go figure… when we withdraw from nuclear arms control treaties, the nuclear arms race reignites. Instead of punishing Russia for breaking the rules we said "there are no rules" and showcased our own decelopment of new nukes. We're exactly where we were predicted to be in 2019 and acting like this was unexpected. 😂

  4. Que no nada. Tapachula Oh que no Google xi jinping, trump 4T AMLO twitter "facebook" youtube mx tiktok dineros pesos pasaporte "2024. 2012-2013-2014-2015-2016-2017 "Che" ok memes Donald j Trump, 2018-2019-2020" 🧠🎓🤓 Daniel Malpica, wb disney looney tunes y tin toons Mickey mouse, y Minnie mouse, DC Cómics Marvel Dragon Ball. super mario bros. son Goku, Fortnite. anime Animaniacs: el deseo de wakko 4 memes"….


  6. Heavenly Father protect America 🇺🇸 from Obummer and Bidens evil wicked plan for a one world government that would control us to every evil whim they feel we should do. In Jesus Christ name I 🙏 AMEN ❤

  7. What is this? Before the war trump was like "ill start a war with russia and make china responsible" and now its "this war can only end if i get power"

  8. Mr Trump is right nato should pay united states for protection why should all others in nato pay and not Germany 🇩🇪

  9. “He is a liar. The demon is a liar. He will lie to confuse us. But he will also mix lies with the truth to attack us. The attack is psychological , Damien, and powerful. So don't listen. Remember that: Do not listen.”

    —The Exorcist (1973)

  10. Think what you will, he's right about the NATO issue. All the American presidents/ administrations since NATO's inception, 1949, have allowed the participating countries to default on their contractually agreed upon share. Lets face it folks, you don't have to like the messenger, but you should definitely like the message.

  11. We will trump man all the way thanks for all you done when you were in office can’t wait to have you back😊😊

  12. Who tells who to what now… Yeah no. I don't respond well to authority figures. forget ex- authority figures.
    Who here let's retired cops tell them what to do? Exactly- Nobody

  13. Sounds like Trump knows what he is talking about…..another “TRUMP TRUTH”

  14. Trump is the type of guy who wants to be remembered. And, will pay $ just about anything to make that just right. Trump would go to war. I would feel alot safer sleeping at night knowing Donnie Trump is in office than a 90 year old man with dementia. Like sleepy Joe Biden. Another term with Sleepy Joe will completely destroy this nation.

  15. I am a firefighter there no amount of praying. Anybody can do to stop a nuclear. Attack We are as all dead as dead can be. That’s why we all have prep our houses. Start Stock piling Nessary supplies. And make room in your house or shelter. If you have other family and friends or loved ones sheltering with you even their pets as well use plastic to cover doors windows. And gorilla tape to seal put on the plastic seal vents. Every crack in your house

  16. "When the gloom of life hangs heavy, and you only know dismay, to gain joy and real contentment open up your heart and pray. And when all your friends forsake you, and you know not where to turn, talk to God about your troubles and you will no longer yearn. Prayer works wonders for the wretched. It can make a weak heart strong. And it truly has been written that a prayer can do no wrong. Pray, and you will never falter in the things you try to do. Talk to God and He will answer, giving strength to bring you through." (By Ben Burroughs)

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