James O’Brien cannot believe where the UK’s main press regulator nearly had dinner last night…

laatste update: 01-2023

This video clip is from an LBC show presented by James O’Brien on December 20th 2022.

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30 gedachten over “James O’Brien cannot believe where the UK’s main press regulator nearly had dinner last night…”

  1. I think Jeremy Clarkson has broken laws in his uncensored incitement to racial hatred as well as actual physical threats of violence towards women! He should be held accountable!

  2. Why so suprised ?
    Gates & Murdock own msm
    Have done for years

  3. Don't see any issue, isn't this the way things are now done in the UK. If you've got the bucks and the clout why not buy a civil servant to fight your corner. Even better if you can buy a peerage or two in the Lords. Or even better than that pay for the expenses of a minister in the cabinet. All completely normal in 2022.🙄

  4. I cannot believe you find this astonishing….or the intrepid Guardian journalist believing himself to have uncovered some great scandal! Welcome to the world…and it has pitifully been 'The Norm' for nigh on a Century

  5. Why wouldn't the Regulator go round and kiss the ring of Murdoch? He is the King Maker. It's where Blair and other Prime Ministers to be went

  6. Well I guess know you know who's paying the press regulator..Murdoch..sounds about right and explains the headlines made for big industry and party gain because no doubt he backs a party to…industry dictating policy in 2022 .

  7. I don't really think its a MPS place to lecture about any kind of a moral code, judging by how they think there above any rules or laws of this land ,, they certainly don't practise what they preach on morals In society.

  8. Until this rotten corrupt tory government is removed from power this country will carry on heading downhill ever faster.

  9. And now you understand why the tories lies, corruption and immorality has not being called out by the press.

  10. Merry Christmas James, i may not agree with some of the stuff you report on but I wish you and your family a wonderful Christmas and a wishful 2023!!

  11. The rich and powerful seem to be absolutely stunned that anyone would question their entitlement to do exactly a they pleased. How dare ordinary people question their choice to be as corrupt as they please.

  12. Who put the regulators in place, who set up the "independent regulators," the Tories who want their puppets in place.

  13. When we have billionaire press barons impartiality goes out the window. They seem to have the audacity to believe that “Joe Public” have no sense. People like Rupert Murdoch and his ilk think their money and power gives them right to bamboozle government to their way of thinking and see ordinary folk as dumb plebs. Think it is time to give Murdoch and his cronies an almighty kick to remind him that he doesn’t not rule the roost. Think he needs to be reminded that newspapers report news with a sprinkling of impartiality and not the government’s mouthpiece. CAN YOU DO THIS MURDOCH & CO

  14. Jeremy clarkson is a national treasure i do not care what anyone says he is. Top gear money saved bbc then he did grand tour and amazon prime boosted in memberships.
    What he said on the newspaper was a joke from game of thrones. People need to wake up because everyday we r losing our freedom of speech.

  15. Why is anyone surprised? 2:23 Where have you been for the last umpteen years? How do you think Brexit was passed? How do think a frat boy like Boris could rise to the heights of PM. Wake up UK!

  16. Great Chanel 😊 Thanks for sharing this. These Elite think they are untouchable but they will eventually be judged for their actions

  17. That shows the media is "Utterly disgusting" and the regulator should be sacked without a golden goodbye. We a living in a Media-ocracy. Those that owns the print / press / TV/ radio / control everything HOW LONG CAN THIS GO ON UNPOLICED. SURELY THE POLICE NEED NEW LAWS TO STOP MEDIA LIES. The unions get special attention to neuter them – the police harass freedom of speech but only when it represents THE PEOPLES INTEREST!

  18. What does it take for the scales to fall from our eyes?

  19. Princess Martha Louise of Norway stepped down from Royal duties a month ago. She is like Harry, a spare and her partner is a black man. The family reached an amicable agreement. They did not leak to the press nor plant stories so the Norwegian media did not attack her. She plans to move to CALIFORNIA! Meghan is really an influencer and the British Royal Family totally dysfunctional!

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