I’ve SEEN Intel’s GPU… in 2023

laatste update: 05-2023

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0:00 Come vibe with us
0:04 Intel Arc mobile GPU launch
1:15 Playstation Plus Game Pass competitor
2:30 Axie Infinity hacked
3:18 Grammarly
4:05 RTX 3090 Ti launch
4:37 Meta targeting TikTok
5:17 Ryzen 7000 mass production
5:45 Canada to ban gas cars
6:13 Dyson Zone headphones

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30 gedachten over “I’ve SEEN Intel’s GPU… in 2023”

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  2. Colors are better now, I don't know what exactly changed, but it feels crisp and I would love to have such colors to use for photos and so on. Sweet!

  3. All social media is a threat to children. Children need to go interact with other children in real life

  4. im confused. the articles about the gas cars is from june 2021, lol. slow news day today?

  5. 6 months of Ramen noodles to afford a 3090ti? Have you seen the price of ramen these days? At least here they increased by about 150% in price thanks to more expensive shipping from Asia.

  6. I still cant see them actually implementing the no fossil fuel cars by 2035, but most government officials wont be in office then so they don't care…
    Along with the current shortages and pre-ordering of cars going as far as 5 years it seems very unrealistic.
    As for dyson, its just another waste of engineering, that will be over priced so idk why they bother

  7. Cancelled my PS plus the other day. The free games lately have been garbage. Don’t care to go through the BS to try and get a PS5. Got two gaming PC’s, should see all the free games you can play with a subscription to a VPN!! As for going all electric, the major delays on cars right now are crushing our economy. Without BS laws and marketing you could build millions of 77 Monte Carlos or any other carburetor vehicle tomorrow without issue. Kinda like how Mexico made the same beetle for 40+ years.

  8. Why the like and dislike ratio is almost the same??? This also happened to PewDiePie's latest vid. Bots perhaps?

  9. manufacturers have found a market for gpus somewhere where demand is inelastic

  10. I think “Limited Edition” means that there will mainly be partner cards, but there will be a few intel built cards. If that Intel built card is either higher performance or cheaper than their partners, then that would be FREAKING STUPID

  11. Banning LPG cars. That is crazy! Is that a green move?
    Oh wait, it probably means gasoline. Yep, I think it is gasoline/diesel.

  12. Nobody wanted to buy the 2080 super when they was all in stock lol got mines below MSRP from best buy before the shortage

  13. When electric cars will take over, badasses in block will pump up their bass speakers 🙂

  14. Not gonna lie, slap a customizable led screen on the mask of the dyson sphere and that might be worth a buy. if it wasn't a typical overpriced dyson product

  15. Want to be a badass who lets everyone know they're revving their engine AND drive an electric vehicle? Well idk about irl but the movie The Dilemma's plot is literally based around making electric cars loud and annoying just like gas cars!

  16. I swear if Intel puts a blower cooler on their cards I'm done with the company.

  17. "Gas engines" in the UK do not exist. We call them petrol/diesel cars. Gas would mean methane for us; that tech is not happening here.

  18. playstation plus, pay double the price, for half the content
    on a console that's double the price of our competitors
    and half the performance
    makes sense sony

  19. It's hilarious. When gamobiles came in, people complained, ”they're too loud!” Now they're going out, people are complaining about the electric replacement, “they're too quiet!”

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