laatste update: 05-2022

Hey everyone, welcome back to cardano trading. just a update video here on what is going on in the market today. Cardano is still in a bit of a downtrend. Be carefull when trading, we discuss the optimal idea on how to make money in a red market.

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*I am not a financial expert or advisor by any means. just here to give my opinion.

2 gedachten over “IS THE BULL MARKET OVER FOR CARDANO ADA ? TIME TO HODL! (I Show you how to trade it)”

  1. Fantastic Video ❤️ I admire the efforts u put in your videos mate. Pay attention this information will help you. When people have the signal and the confirmation of the bear market "whenever it is" as you say , their portfolio will be already 70% at the best minus! People and traders should be try to be ahead from the market or at least react fast. Because all the indicators "rsi-macd-Ema-…" Are lagging indicators ! So why someone to hold all the way from 65-32 , when he could double his position by selling and buying back .And wait for confirmations in any direction … Slogans like HODL and Diamond hands are just for inexperienced people that they think that there is no other direction other than the moon. If you ever need an experienced trade that will show accurate TA then I will strongly suggest Richard mcdole. on tєlєɠгaʍ (@Richardmcdole). I have been able to make 11ƁtƇ in just 2 months tradin with his s!gnal despite the up and down of the mar;ket, believe me, he is way ahead of other tradrs

  2. Great video and analysis..📈👍 There's nothing new with the bitcoin price manipulation….dumping and liquidating millions of dollars in the process. If you want to be safe just trade and don't hold. The bottom line in bitcoin has always been volatility. bitcoin investors should be aware of Alex strategy. His strategy work's and it's good, with Alex Bowen the rich are getting richer with his trad, i think the pandemic has taught people the importance of multiple stream income unfortunately having a job doesn't mean security , if you want to be successful in bitcoin trad have the mindset of the rich, spend less and invest more in bitcoin, Don't give up your dreams. don't be in a haste to invest, know what and who you are investing to and be sure that the person will deliver before investing. learn and get the knowledge first before investing, Mr Alex Bowen methods are legit his methods works like magic I was convinced to say his an expert, i keep on earning and learning every single week with his strategy, Mr Alex Bowen impact on my trading activities wont make me choose another expert or account manager. Alex is the only one i know best, i manage my bitcoin with with him, my first experience with Mr Alex Bowen gave me a profit over $30,000 in just one mouth of trading ever since then i keep on reinvesting with him. I'm not here to convince anyone but to share my experience and testimony? you can get to Alex via WhatsApp @+12893023644 or @BOWENSTRADE. i know you will be glad you did.

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